Fluroride in water causes thyroid problems

There is an article in WDDTY (May2015) about research carried out at the University of Kent. Lead researcher Prof Stephen Peckham said "The difference between the West Midlands, which fluoridates and Manchester, which doesn't was striking. There was nearly double the number of cases (of hypothyroidism) in the West Midlands. This is an interesting article and the ref is J.Epidemiol Community Health,2015;doi:10.1136/jech-2014-204971.

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  • Hi Rosy. Unfortunately this is just an observational study, meaning they simply looked at doctor's records and at fluoridation and discovered there were more thyroid cases in fluoridated areas. However, there is also more black pudding eaten there, and more Saturday markets, and more recreational drugs and theft. So are thyroid problems associated with going to Saturday markets or eating a black pudding sandwich?

    It's interesting data, but all it does is suggest further research should be undertaken. It doesn't prove anything - and definitely not that "Fluoride in water causes thyroid problems"

  • The article goes on to say "the researchers compared areas of flopuoridation against health records from 7,935 Gp practices around the uk. Rates of hypothyroidism were at least 30 per cent more likely in practices where fluoride levels were in excess of 0.3mg/L."

  • rosy holly, I have read up about Iodine which the thyroid gland needs to make T4, T3 etc. If there is too much fluoride in water or even chlorine (they are known as halides along with bromine) then they block Iodine from being used by the thyroid. Mercury fillings can be another "blockage". Since my Iodine levels were at 20 (range 150-200) I realised this was probably one of the reasons my thyroid was failing. I read up, sorry can't remember the name of the author/book and followed a protocol that meant I could rid my body of the nasties. My next Iodine reading was 80!! Sorry can't help with book details, hopefully someone else will or look up Iodine under topics on right here. I am in the middle of moving, more stress for my thyroid!

  • crimple, if fluoride blocked iodine then everyone would be dying of thyroid disease, and they're not. Likewise, if mercury fillings were destroying everyone's thyroids then older generations, who had and have more mercury in their systems, would have had MORE thyroid problems and they had less. Thyroid diseases are increasing, while mercury usage in fillings, and the numbers of fillings themselves, are falling. Those stats don't make sense if what you say is true.

  • I know, Rosy, I have the magazine. Unfortunately that still doesn't prove anything. To give you a more useful idea of the irrelevance of this, think of the cholesterol scare that went on for many years, including from the government and doctors: 'You shouldn't eat eggs, they're full of cholesterol. Eating eggs is like committing suicide' This was based on the fact that people who had heart disease also had high cholesterol. This was true, and still is. Unfortunately, although there was a correlation (like the thyroid patients and fluoride in this study) there was no causation, also just like the patients in this study.

    Just because two things appear together it does not prove that one creates the other, merely that they MAY be associated. Cholesterol in food is, in fact, NOT associated with the damaging cholesterol in heart disease. At all. It may well prove to be the same with fluoridation which has, so far, been proven to be perfectly safe. Until someone does a proper scientific study then no causation between thyroid and fluoridation has been proven.

  • Let's have a proper scientific study. That goes for many things. So many of our prescription drugs have Unbiased testing. When health is more important than money we could see a big change. Until we are sure is it really a good idea to add more and more chemicals to our water supply.

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