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Leg weakness

Hi all,

I'm new here so firstly hello , secondly I'd like some help as I have been having lots of problems since april 2013 and I'm kinda getting fed up at the moment and ill explain a little more.

It started off that I have having pins and needles in my hand and shorting pains go down my arm, I had a burning sensation in my armpit, and back ache so went to doctors who sent me for MRIs. All this time I was limping, couple of weeks later after going for a walk round the nec, I had really bad back ache and sat down went to get up and my legs were so weak pain was so intensive, I just cried as I tried to walk to the car, got to the car to find I could not lift legs or stand up, I needed help, my husband came home and with his support I was able to foot shuffle back in to the house. This cleared up after about 5 days it was like legs got stronger every day. It then happened about two weeks later same thing again I start to do normal life things like any normal person and then my legs go again. This is now down to a 2/6day cycle.6 days after I have come off crutches it happens again, I get crampy muscle squeezing pains in the top of my legs down to my knees.

I get a shooting pain down leg and and then it gives way, I also get a lot of pain behind knees.

It's is not my only symptoms,

I get brain freeze, I have been known to put my arm under the running water instead of the kettle, I also start have a convo and forget all line of words, I also get words mixed up like get the milk out of oven and other mad stuff.

I'm lucky if I get to sleep before midnight then when I do get to sleep if I'm not tossing and turning, I do have a nice sleep but then can't get up in the morning, feel tired again within the hour feel worn out. Takes me two days to clean house now as I have to rest between most jobs.

See brain freeze can't remember what other symptoms I get lol. I get burning feelings in my feet or they go ice ice cold.

I have a vit d deficiency and I have low iron. Love chewing ice.

I'm on tramadol, naproxen and I am on 40mg of amatriplyn, nothing seems to easy the pain when it comes. I am starting to feel useless.

Sorry to have rambled on but I'm say on sofa as legs are gone again and am trying to find answers and better ways to help me xx

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Hi, of course you need your GP to measure your B12, iron and D, please bear in mind GP's often miss vitamin B deficiency, but with your symptoms you also urgently need to rule out Hughes Syndrome/APS, I have this, and many people who have this, also have a Thyroid problem. You need to the GP to run these tests:

Make sure they investigate your B12 as this often goes hand in hand with the low iron.

Please take the forms along to your nearest hospital and do then there as they are time sensitive and if the samples hang around for collection at the GP surgery it can cause the wrong results.

Here is the charity website:

If you have this disease, please come back to me, I am one of the administrators for the forum on HU, our members with Thyroid issues are on this excellent forum - TUK and vice versa.

If you do have Hughes Syndrome/APS and do remember I am not saying you have, only wanting you to look into it, it is easily managed with medication including Aspirin. Do you have a history of migraines, or anybody in your family had any problems related to blood clots?



Hi Mary

Thanks for your reply I do suffer with migraines. Was admitted a few years ago with them as I hated the light and lost sight in one of my eyes.

I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday so will get tests done then x


Have a look around the charity website I sent you...

as it is crucial to get the tests done, as at times it is wrongly diagnosed as MS.... due to overlapping similar symptoms and lesions on scans! MaryF

ps article from the Daily Mail this week:


Be also aware that results can come and go.. it is possible to be Seronegative, (I was for years, until it properly showed up in a test), do not hesitate to come back to me, and you can use the same user name on our forum, but do not leave this one, as you need both. Unless the samples are going straight to the hospital from GP, more accurate to take forms along and do them in the hospital. MaryF


Wow, sounds like you are in a bit of a pickle, to say the least. Have you had your B12 and thyroid checked? Are you having treatment for the Vit D and anaemia?

I have weak legs, it came on gradually though, also many of the symptoms you are describing. My GP has given me a trial on thyroxine, even though my TSH was within range. This has helped with some of the symptoms but the weak legs, memory probs, concentration probs, balance and fatigue still remain.

If you can post any blood results on here and people who are experienced will advise you. Don't accept it when your GP says the results are normal, ask for a copy, you are entitled by law for a copy.

I'm sure other more knowledgeable people will reply to you. Hope you get to the bottom of this.


Thanks for that, I'm on vit d tablets but that's it it's not a high dose x


Henri, have they checked you out for Multiple Sclerosis? Of course check the B12 as well.

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Have you been supplementing vitamin B12? If you haven't that's great! Get tested for Pernicious Anaemia before you start supplementing.

With respect to iron, please stop supplementing iron for 5 - 7 days before getting iron and ferritin testing done. Make sure your tests are done as early in the morning as possible, and please don't eat or drink (except for water) for 12 hours before the tests. Doctors rarely mention the correct conditions for iron testing.

If you have low vitamin D, the dosages given out by UK doctors are usually pathetically low. Ask for testing again.

Have you had your thyroid tested? Get that done as early in the morning as possible, and don't eat or drink (except for water) for 12 hours before thyroid testing too.

Once the results are through, ask for a copy including reference ranges, and come here to post them all.

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My Ms test came back negative, I do have a disc bulge but they say that can't be effecting it, but me b12 has never been tested my appointment is at 8:20 on Tuesday so hopefully I can get bloods done then x


Your sleep pattern sounds to me like fatigued adrenals. And that is a huge possibility if you have been hypo for some time without treatment. And I had periods of leg problems just like yours, before I was diagnosed. Got out of the car once, and fell sprawling on the tarmac because my legs had suddenly become to weak to hold me.

You Don't give us very much information here - nor on your profile. Have you been diagnosed as hypo? Are you on any thyroid hormone replacement - if so, how much? Do you have any blood test results you can share with us?

But I agree with the others, some of it does sound like low B12.

Hugs, Grey


My results came bk at 335, can anyone help


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