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I have, what seem to be, Hypo symptoms. TSH are mid range and I haven't a weight problem, nor do I sleep "out of hours". I operate "on the edge" of serious energy decline, constant "chill". dry skin, hair loss etc.. No treatment thought necessary.

My questions;

Do TSH levels always tell the story? i.e., does the pituatory have problems delivering TSH?

How variable can energy levels be? Sometimes I'm fine and then the batteries "go flat"!

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Hi reelingenious, No, TSH often doesn't tell the whole story because sometimes the pituitary does have problems.

To get the whole picture you need to test








vit D

vit B12


And that's just for starters! lol

The anitbody tests will tell you if you have the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. That would account for varying levels of enery due to varying levels of hormone.

You need all your vits and mins for your body to be able to use your hormones.

Could you tell us exactly what your TSH was? Because ranges vary. But anything over 2 is suspicious. If you haven't got a copy of your blood test results, do ask for one, it is your legal right to have it. And it makes things so much easier to keep tabs on. Remember that what is 'normal' for your doctor can be totally 'abnormal' for you! Remember : what's normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly. :)

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Reelingenious, I had very normal TSH, am not overweight, nor do I feel the cold, but I had very low FT4 and FT3 (most recent tests Nov 14), and had many hypothyroid symptoms. GP only did TSH for a year, despite me requesting FT3 and FT4, and I only got these by being referred back to the endocrinologist (I was treated for overactive thyroid, Graves, years ago, so had a history with them). Endo refused to treat in Nov, as tho low, the FT4 and FT3 were just inside the bottom of the range. He refused to recognise any of the symptoms I had as thyroid related, even tho I'd spent 2 years going to the GP getting all sorts of other possibilities ruled out.

I'm currently self medicating in desperation; on NDT for 3 months now and although not brilliant yet, I'm much better than I was. I'm still tinkering with the dose and getting the balance of ferritin, B12, folate and Vit D right. I'm currently finding out the huge importance of iron levels for good thyroid function, recent problems with the NDT were solved by increasing my iron intake, and I found the information for that on this site. I'm due a test next week to see how my levels are now.

My point in this post is that if your TSH is in range you are unlikely to get further tests through the GP. It's not even up to them, if the TSH is in whatever range your area use, and some go as high as 10, the lab won't test further. Nor is your GP likely to refer you to an endocrinologist.

Quickest solution might be private blood tests, Blue Horizon, Genova, MediChecks all do thyroid function including all the important levels. The results could be used to move your GP to do something for you.

Good luck, I know how frustrating the process can be!


Thanks for that, you also answered my next question..............where to get those levels checked! Will go down that road as this fatigue and constant feeling as if your spring has wound down is all too depressing and frustrating.


Reelingenious, get your thyroid function done privately, but get the GP to test for the ones Greygoose has suggested ferritin, iron, vit D, vit B12 & folate if they haven't already been done, as they need to be optimal. It's the least they can do for you.

If you post the results here you can get advice on whether the levels are ok or not.


My bloods from 12 months ago;

TSH 2.09 mu/l; B12 943 ng/l; serum folate 17.5 ng/l; Serum Ferritin 188 ug/l


Can someone tell me if the bloods above suggest anything?


Is there someone who can tell me if any of these results mean anything significant?



Bloods from 12 months ago are not likely to have any bearing on how you feel now. You need to do a test now and post the results for people to comment.


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