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Latest bloods. From hypo to hyper in 6 weeks! Is this normal?

6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. We have been TTC for over 2 years. I had alng list of miserable symptoms and had the standard fobbed off responses from gps.

Eventually was put on 100mcg of levo. Have been on that for 6 weeks. My results from then and now are:

6weeks ago

TSH 10.6 (ttc normal 0.5-2)

T4 9 (10-24)


TSH 0.02

T4 19

I have to make an emergency appointment tomorrow. I'm sure the GP won't be aware of the NICE guidelines of having TSH under 2 and will go with the standard up to 5.

I know my TSH is very suppressed, I have been feeling off again for the past fortnight so my meds probably do need to be decreased.

Is it normal for it to change so quick? I am very sensitive to drugs.

What should I be saying to doctor? Is 75mcg best?

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As I have read on here some folk go back and forth for sometime before settling as hypo. You really need to have FT3 tested .

TSH can change rapidly once on medication. I went from 101 to 3.3 in 6 weeks and 0.3 twelve weeks later.

Not sure whether you should stick on 100 ,it's impossible to get them to increase once your blood is " normal" others will hopefully advise.


Patience, your TSH is suppressed but unless FT4 is over range, and FT4 19 is usually within range, you are not hyper. If you feel overstimulated then reduce your Levothyroxine between 12.5-25mcg. Dose adjustments are usually in 25mcg increments and reducing your dose to 75mcg will make your TSH rise slightly but its very unlikely it would go much over 1.0.

If you think your GP isn't aware of the NICE recommendation about TSH being in the low normal range of 0.4-2.0 take a copy with you.


Thank you both. My GP put Levo down to 75mcg. She was very good, showed me my results, the range T4 is up to 19, mine was 19.6 so higher end.

Hopefully this will do the trick.

Almost a week in and I'm losing less hair, hopefully it will stay this way.

No heart hammering for a week either.


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