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Chest bloating, spasms from chest down to lower abdominal area

I have been having spasms that seem to start in the chest area and go down to my lower abdominal area. I feel like my insides are all shaky! Its non stop sometimes, and other times I don't have it at all.. It's been going on for a couple years now, but is getting worst. I have seen my Dr. many times about this, she gave me Gerd Medicines, (heartburn) I no longer have heart burn, but this horrible shaking inside... It's usually later in the day, but then sometimes it starts early... Does anyone have any idea of what this can be caused by? I just had Cardiogram and will have trest test in a couple weeks with Dye. To me it doesn't feel like a heart thing. It feels like my blood is running real fast through my body... Thanks in advance for any ideas!! Thank you ;-)


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Hello RenaK

I welcome you to our forum and am sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. Do you suffer from hypothyroidism and are you medicated?

If you advise what meds you are taking and post your last hormone blood test results together with ranges ( brackets in numbers) someone more knowledgable will comment.

Thyroid meds can bring about a whole host of unwanted side effects and particularly so if you are under medicated.

I previously experienced something similar quite regularly which I likened to internal tremouring, feeling like someone had plugged me into a fridge.

Hope you feel better soon.


I am not on meds yet, I was just diagnosed, I had my tubes and ovaries removed 2 weeks ago, My next step is an appointment with the oncologist gynocologist on Wednesday. wonderng what to expect.


will be getting Chemo soon... :(


I may be in the wrong site, is this for Thyroid??


It sounds like internal tremors from adrenal stress to me

try taking at least 2000mg Vit C and at least 4 tablets of compound vit B a day

it will take time but its a gentle safe way to treat adrenal stress

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