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Aches and pains - help needed

Hi all, my thyroid levels are now within the "normal range" having been on a T3/T4 combo since December. However, I have developed really bad aches and pain in my neck and back. Even hurts when lying in bed, turning over is a nightmare as it wakes me up everytime. If I sit in a funny position for a short amount of time, I'm in agony afterwards. I have mentioned it to my Endo and they have no answer for it. Has anyone got suggestions to ease the symptoms (have got pain killers but don't want to take them on a regular basis)????

Thanks for your help x

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Bradleyeb, can you post your thyroid results with the lab ref ranges please. It will help members respond. 'Normal' is a very broad range and isn't the same as optimal which we should be aiming for.


Blood tests at the middle of March were:

TSH - 0.17 (range 0.4-4.0)

T4 - 14.5 (10.6-21.0)

T3 - 3.7 (3.2-5.9)

I'm taking 10mg of T3 and 100mg of thyroxine

Generally feel well, low moods and mind fog have eased, it's just the aches and pains and constipation that are a problem

B12 and folate have been tested and all normal (b12 was 270 (range 180-600), I do supplement b12 to be the upper end of the range). Vit D was normal but didn't write down numbers. I do supplement Vit D if I feel my mood is low.

Thanks for any help


Severe aches and pains are often associated with a low ft3. Looking at your results yours is still low.


So need to increase my T3 dosage? X

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