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Hi I have not been long digonosed with over active thyroid. so my doc sent be to a specialist he said I have a swollen lymph node witch I do on rite side it feels like it's breathing but I don't have a swollen grot,so now I'm waiting to get it scand I don't no if that's good or bad. I have. Been prescribed carbimazole but read the said affects are bad I only have a few symptoms off overactive thyroid sweating sometimes pressure on my chest would I not be better with beta blocker,thanks

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  • Hi kizzy, I don't know who says that carbimazole is bad. Some people have been on it for a very long time. My family member was on in for two years, took selenium supplement and has been find for a long off of the medication. Have you read this?

  • Hi, my 30 year old son was diagnosed hyperthyroid and has been on carbimazole for about 2 years. He was also on beta blockers initially when his heart rate was up. He is planning to stay on the carbimazole for the foreseeable future and hopefully this problem will burn itself out eventually.

  • If you are overactive and have been offered Carbimazole I would definitely take it. Obviously if your body reacts badly then you would have to stop but you would know very quickly and you would probably be offered PTU as an alternative.

    I was on Carbimazole for about a year as part of my treatment and I know that if I should relapse then I would definitely want to go back on Carbimazole for as long as I could. I've been told that if I relapse the alternative is RAI which I most definitely don't want - so should I relapse ( hopefully not ) it's Carbimazole for me and I would only want to stop taking it if my body started to reject it.

    So take your endos offer of carb. Just make sure you get regular blood tests so that you don't end up underactive like I did at one point. Take a large dose of vitamin c at the same time - I took 1000mcg slow release with zinc.

  • Esta, stress is such a huge factor so try to find out what stresses your body. Food sensitivities will stress the body so if dairy and gluten are part of this for you, consider replacing them. Coconut milk is now available. Also, chemicals are not easy for the body so even painkillers, antidepressants, there are just so many things out there that our bodies cannot process, they hurt our livers and the additives to water like fluoride and chlorine which really interfere with iodine on which the thyroid relies. There is a lot to know about and I've posted this video many times that is full of information to help you understand.

  • Thank u that is great information xx

  • I've been studying this type of thing ever since I became hypothyroid fifteen years ago and I think this guy is on track. I followed a doctor's blog years ago who said the three legged stool for staying healthy was a whole foods diet (stay away from processed food), aerobic exercise 3 times per week and stress reduction. It does take work. Because of the deterioration in the quality of our food supply because of fertilizers, etc. he felt that almost everyone needs magnesium supplements (something your adrenals also need when stressed) and essential fatty acids like omega 3 but now would probably add vitamin D3 if you happen to live in the northern hemisphere.

    Let us know how you are doing if you go on carbimazole.

  • Well I have completely changed my diet blending juices vegetables eating lots fish ect. Because I was not relly eating at all and when I was it was junk food. So I'm praying I can do this with out taking the pills. So I'm Going for 4 week blood test and see how this healthy eating and eatin regular helps my overactive thyroid I relly think stress has caused this and not eating anuf,thanks for video I think he great x

  • Hi Esta, just wondering how you are doing. Did you decide to try the carbimazole. I don't know if they think you have Graves which you can sometimes feel overactive and other times underactive.

    It's difficult to tolerate I know.

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