How much does blood sugar levels affect cortisol?

I'm wondering if my diet is affecting the way I feel. I've not been eating great lately and not really having regular meals. Yesterday for instance I just snacked on sugary things. I felt irritable and snappy all day. Things bothered me! Then when hubby came home he drove me mad and we had a row. I just felt really angry inside and I don't know why. After dinner I felt better.

So today I have made sure that I have eaten healthy stuff with protein and no sugar. I feel much better and calmer.

Does it really have that much of an effect? Is this why I cannot seem to get a handle on my mood swings and are wondering if I have got high or low cortisol and estrogen?

Thanks for any advice :)

Carolineanne x

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  • If it makes you feel like that, I'd guess there is something else going on, a trip to the doctors might be in order for a few tests. But also if you feel a lot better eating healthy, you've probably answered your own question, give it a decent try to see if it lasts, and keep doing what your doing eating healthy. With those symptoms thinking diabetes, or pre diabetic hence tests... Hope that helps you...

  • Thanks Roadrunnergreg for your reply. I have been thinking 'diabetes' or hypoglycaemia. Just getting over a bug/ cold that has wiped me out for days which could have had a bearing on last weeks moods.

    I think I will get tested though and although not eating much at the minute I am trying to stay away from all the bad stuff which is quite easy at the moment due to not much appetite.

    Thanks again :)

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