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Collection boxes, jam jars, Reminder!

As there are new members wondered if you want to join in.

Collect 1p 2p coins in jam jar or get a ThyroidUK collection box from Louise Warvill. Does not matter how much or little you are able to contribute it all helps.

This is a charity and I found this was a easy way to help these wonderful people who help us on our way to recovery.

I have sent in two jars full it was only £3-£4 a time but nearly have another one ready. If everyone on this site donated even a pound a lot could be achieved with that.

Most banks will change up to 5 bags of coins.

A good supporter of Thyroiduk has just pm'd me another £31.41 paid in from his collection box. Well done Alan.

Thank you.

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well done for reminding others as well as the ' newbys' ..... also if anyone has a good relationship with a local shop maybe they would be ok to place a collection box [ plastic & sealed ] on their counter ......these can also be obtained from louise you so rightly say [ as mr Tesco always says ] ----- every little helps !!!!......onwards and upwards .....alan x


sorry but what is it for


Hi Pettals

It is to raise funds for ThyroidUk which is a charity.

A year ago I was putting my 1p change in a charity box on a counter after a purchase ( which a lot of us do). I then read the yearly accounts of Thyroiduk and was shocked how little the charity is run on. As my mobility was limited I could not do anything physical so I thought I would then put my copper into a jar and send it to them. It takes very little effort and no time limits.

Some people have the collection boxes and have put them in shops and their work place if appropriate.


oh I see a good idea!


hi petals , not only a super idea but a simple 1 that I for 1 would never have thought of , and 1 that can give support to this cause that we as well as others need without having a massive impact on ourselves ...... I hope you can come on board this enterprise as well as others .......alan xx


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