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Amitriptyline withdrawl update

I thought i would update those interested in my recent post on how i suceeded in coming off amitrptyline. It is now 5 and half weeks without any and feeling much better. I would definately not recommend the cold turkey way i proceeded and I was niave in thinking a small dose of 10 mg would have little withdrawl side affects . Week 3 was probably the worst with rebound insomnia, dizziness and hot sweats but now some sleep pattern returning , i feel much much better, more clear headed and I am so happy I am off a tablet that was no longer working. i will stress I do beleive amitriptyline is a great help for some but to be careful in proceding long term . I would also like to thank all those who gave me much needed encouragment. i have been taking 5 htp as a sleep aid which seems fairly effective.

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That's great. I am on 25mg now instead of 50mg and am doing okay, I hope to lower even further. I agree that going cold turkey is not a good idea. I forgot mine when we went abroad and I felt dreadful, couldn 't sleep. I got some herbal tablets over there and they helped a bit. Why do doctors not warn us when they give out. I have Arthritis in the spine and fibromyalgia and was given these to help with pain and sleepless nights. I have been on them years so I knew it wasn't going to be easy to come off them. I will persevere though.


Well done Lyndsey! And good luck wednesday, hope you do well too :)

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hi lindsey i have done exactly the same as you at first i thought i had a virus or something felt really ill for the past nine days but today i am feeling a lot better hope this is the end of it i had really bad head dizziness sweating and sleepless nights not that makes a difference because thats norm i didnt know they were addicitive,i was on 50 per night but saw no difference.


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