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Thyroid and hormone consultant needed in Manchester

hi all. For the past four years I've been under a rheumatologist but have been discharged with suggestion I now see an endocrinologist. My symptoms are

Swelling in legs and abdomen

Hair thinning

Temperature sensitive

Sharp stinging like pains which seem to arise from blood vessels


Swelling that comes and goes at side of neck and under chin

Difficulty swallowing. Lumpy geeling in throat

My thyroid was tested at gp a few years Ago but they said it was ok but I have feeling that something hormonal is going on. Can anyone recommend a consultant in Manchester. I've thought of seeing anneece mukharjee

Thanks for your help

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideine #24, thank you.

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Nicky, email for a list of endos recommended by members.

Thyroid function changes so ask your GP to test TSH, FT4 and FT3 and to test thyroid peroxidase(TPOab) and thyroglogulin (Tgab) antibodies to confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). Lab will probably to decline to test FT3 unless your TSH is suppressed but ask anyway. The swelling in your neck and difficulty swallowing may be due to a goiter which is caused by TSH thumping the thyroid to produce more hormone. GP should examine(palpate) your throat and neck and if a goiter or nodules are detected should order you an ultrasound scan to check the size and condition of your thyroid gland.


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