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Hi all

yes l must say, when one starts a medication for the first time. you must give it time to act this may take 3 months or more it is not a miracle cure.

as l said before l heard good things about the ashwagandha so l am going to give it a go what can l lose doing that the thyroid taken 40 years of my life from me.

nothing lost nothing gained if it does not work.

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Hi Chrissy, are you saying after 40 years you are just now taking hormone? What are you trying? Or have you been on it for all these years and not feeling well. I more or less agree that without your own gland working for you, it's not the same but I hope you have tried different doses and hormone.

There are some effective supplements if you can figure out which you need.


How is the Ashwagandha going? I'm on day 2 and I feel better that I have felt in 2 months.


Hi Enfrance, your response came to me instead of Chrissy. You'll have to post a reply under hers.

I hope it keeps working for you. Ayurvedic treatments are very old and still effective I think.


Opps, I am sorry. Thank you!


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