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Help Amour needed based in Uk

Hi can anyone help or advise please: following total thyriodectomy in 2008 and thyroxine since body has never been right since, getting steadily worse. Nutritional advise says I need amour thyroxine which apparently is really hard to get hold of in the Uk is the only option through GP prescription and the GP says no is there any other means of purchasing... Feeling desperate :(

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Nutritional advise? A nutritionist cannot prescribe Armour, so unless you have a prescription form your GP or other medical professional, you cannot obtain it in the UK.


For clarity, as has been mentioned in reply to your other post on this subject, Armour is a brand name of desiccated thyroid preparation. There are other brands of desiccated thyroid, such as Nature-Throid and Thyroid by Erfa (commonly referred to only as Erfa). It is useful to be aware that as with levothyroxine, a particular brand may suit one person but not another.


If anyone has information they should reply by Private Message as it's against the guidelines to post any information on the open forum regarding how to get prescription medications.

Your GP could, if he really wanted, prescribe for you or a sympathetic Endocrinologist.

Read 1st para on this link:



I am very sorry you are suffering, maybe unnecessarily so, if you've not got well on levothyroxine. I am hypo but I do think that people who have had a TT should be given, at the very least, T3 added to T4. Even though NDT might be better overall as it contains all of the hormones that your health thyroid gland would have produced.

I hope you feel better and find someone who can prescribe.


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