Tsh help please 😉

Hi and happy Saturday lovely people.

Just after a quick but of help with my tsh if poss? as my endo is off - docs called to say tsh is now at 0.05 and t4 at 14 - he doesn't want to override my endo but thinks I should maybe cut back on meds? What do you guys think? Currently on 2.5 grains of armour?

Btw, I feel fine😀 no, hang on...I FEEL BETTER THAN I HAVE IN AGES!

Also what does it mean if you need to cut back - I assume it's good. Doc also said maybe thyroid is starting to work again??? Is this even possible? (Following a strict aip diet)

Many thanks in advance and much love to you all x😘

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  • Cut back -Nothing -. Keep your dose. You are feeling fine. Your happy with your dose of NDT. TSH should only be used as a guide. If anyone is overstimulated, they would reduce their dose without even going to the doctor.

    Our health can be ruined when they 'fiddle' about with our doses to try to keep within some range or other. Most of us feel well when TSH is very low or suppressed.




    I doubt if there are many people in the UK that know best how to make hypo patients well.

  • PS. My TSH was 0.01 and Endo didn't bother.

  • TSH will be suppressed on Armour - it's the T3 in it. Therefore very normal and definitely no need to reduce. Great to hear you're feeling good. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! :)

  • PS - My TSH is 0.02. :)

  • My TSH is lower than that on Armour. Have just been reading a book by DR Mark Starr who says any dose of Armour above 2 grains will supress TSH though mine was supressed on a lower dose than that.

  • Debjs, >145mcg Levothyroxine will usually suppress TSH so I'd expect suppression on 1.5 grains.

  • That's interesting as my TSH has been supressed on whatever dose of whatever replacement. Thanks.

  • Natalie, your TSH is low but not suppressed which would be <0.04. I think your GP is wrong to want to reduce your dose. T3 in NDT lowers/suppresses TSH because the pituitary gland detects sufficient circulating hormone and switches off TSH. FT4 often drops because high storage levels aren't required for conversion when you are getting T3 directly from NDT. As for your thyroid repairing itself, that's rubbish. If you're feeling better it's due to NDT and possibly better absorption if you've changed your diet. If you want to prove your GP wrong stop taking NDT. I don't recommend it as you'll probably be profoundly hypothyroid within 2/3 weeks.

  • My last test TSH 0.02 and T4 13 (range 11 - 24) my doctor has just told me that I am still hypo - what does anyone think? - PS feeling rotten, temp in 35 range, heart rate 40 - 50 range resting.

    Can't think straight at all now, even getting lost when driving as can't remember the way or can't remember where I am going .

    Going shopping and then finding that I went the day before and shopping is still in the boot.

    Now at last, testing for B12 deficiency as pain is unbearable in arms and legs, burning and tingling in hands and feet, sore mouth and tongue

  • Well, it certainly sounds as if you are very hypo! What are you taking? If you're taking T3 or NDT, then it's normal that the FT4 is low, and they should test the FT3. But if you're taking levo only, then you are not on a high-enough dose and need an increase. Ignore the TSH, it rarely reflects how you feel.

  • NEVER lower your dosage based on blood tests alone they do not tell the whole story! How do you feel? Go on that and flatly refuse your GP's bid to lower your dose, they can't without your express permission, which also includes saying nothing!

  • If taking T3, then TSH levels irrelevant. Pleased you are feeling so much better.

  • I would like to ask you a question about Armour, since you seem to be doing fine on it so far: do you swallow the pills, chew them up before swallowing, or take them sublingually?

  • Hi anna69

    When I started I chewed them, but for the last six months - because I take them at 6.30am (and go back to sleep for an hour) - I just take with a glass of water 😉 so on that basis (for me) i don't think it matters? I think diet is far more important?

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