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I have just been reading some of the links that people have given (thanks everyone) and feel a bit more positive. I left the surgery this morning feeling that the doctor had dismissed me and my concerns but I am not so sure now. She asked me if my joints were ever swollen. I said no. I have osteoarthritis and I wondered if she was thinking about rheumatoid arthritis as I had said how much I ached and felt exhausted. She then said that she would order more blood tests to check for swelling and inflammation. I still thought she was talking joints but now, I am wondering if she has ordered tests to check for antibodies. I have just been reading about Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Does anyone think this is a possibility?

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Is your doctor doing thyroid tests when she does your bloods? Find out before you go to have your bloods done and if not ask her to do them along with whatever she is planning to do , ask her to do VitD, B12, ferritin and folates too. Get a note of your results along with the lab ranges, you are entitled to have them, some surgeries charge you but you are entitled to them for your records, then post them and see what people think.


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