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Taking amitriptyline and levothyroxine

Hi all.

I am having scans and blood tests at the moment to determine what thyroid issue I have. I have been taking amitriptyline for chronic headaches for 4 months as the doctor told me I was stressed as I went to the GP with constant headaches . I felt worse and started loosing hair so I went back to the doctors and insisted on blood tests. The result of the test suggest a thyroid issue. I have had two lost if blood tests first results were overactive thyroid and second results were underactive. I have now been prescribed levothyroxine until scan results come back. I stopped taking the amitriptyline but the headaches came back almost straight away along with insomnia. I still have 3 weeks until I seen the consultant so I have continued to take the amitriptyline to aid sleep and help with headaches. I take the amitriptyline about 7pm and the levothyroxine at 7am. Will they be ok to take together until I see the consultant again ???

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I had both at the same time for a while and was fine, I took the amitriptyline at bedtime and the levo when the alarm went off and my carbimazole and vitamins a couple of hours later with breakfast.

If you post your test results with their lab ranges someone will have a look and tell you what they think.


Ok I will. Thank you for your help😊


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