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Coeliac disease/IBS connection between autoimmune diseases, including thyroid disease:

This may have been posted before but I found this an interesting link on coeliac disease/IBS and the connection between other autoimmune diseases, including thyroid disease:

Dr Saleem is the only one to mention that it can cause B12 deficiency.

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The health of our gut has to be the focus for long term good health. I was diagnosed with Crohns over 40 years ago - Hashimotos ....just 9 years ago. Yes B12 deficient too ! Have been gluten free for over a year but anti-bodies only slightly reduced in that time :-( Am remaining GF as something tells me intuitively - that it is right for me.

Healing the gut is a long term project - there are no quick fixes....


Yes, so agree about intuition and the gut feeling! Hope the antibodies go down in time Marz.

I kept reading about GF on these sites but was lazy about trying it even though I'd had IBS, gastritis, etc. for a number of years. I avoided cakes, biscuits, sugar etc. but found it hard to give up bread altogether. Having avoided gluten altogether for a few months, I find bloating, heartburn, etc has gone and I have more energy but, when I do transgress the symptoms come back with a vengeance, so I wonder if your body builds up some sort of tolerance over the years.

I hadn't realised how much it affected thyroid and that the other vague symptoms were B12 deficiency until researching for my relative.....more and more connections....

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Reply are right - everything seems connected with a strong indication that gut health is king ! Thank you for your reply :-)


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