London Thyroid Clinic

In the recent article in the Daily Mail a celebrity talks of her experiences of hypothyroidism and levothyroxine treatment. Lyn Mynott comments on the conition as does Dr. Black of the London Thyroid Clinic. I haven't heard of this clinic before but see that they have also run clinics in other parts of the country. If anyone have any experience of this organisation I would be grateful of your comments. Private email me if you prefer. Many thanks in advance.

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  • That's interesting to note and it would be good to know if the doctors there only diagnose by the TSH or do they take clinical symptoms into consideration as well.

    I think years ago, Dr S used to have a clinic around that area too. We need some other Dr Skinners to come round, approximately, to his way of diagnosing, treating.

  • We believe that they got the poor guy's name wrong - typical DM!



  • Is it not this chap?


  • YUP - first name Ian! Not Myles! ;) x

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