B vitamin deficiency will drive you insane - here's the best food sources


Just in case you haven't got the message yet, B12 is very important.

This article gives lists of all the sources of B vitamins, but remember, just because you're eating all these things doesn't mean you have optimal levels of Bs. If you can't absorb vits and mins due to low stomach acid, then you are going to need to supplement.

Please note that Folate and Folic Acid are not the same thing as they seem to imply here. Folic Acid is synthetic and it's best to take Methylfolate for better absorbtion.

Note also that most of the sources of the B vitamins (apart from B12) are also goitrogens, so eating large amounts may not be recommended for you.

B12, on the other hand, can't be found in vegetables, so vegetarians beware!

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  • Great information! I was taking a lot of medication until the Doctor found out that I was not absorbing them due to a B deficiency. Now I am able to be on a lower dosage of the meds and it is more effective.

  • By medication you mean something other than Levo, T3 and NDT? Some medication actually lowers your B12.

  • I meant NDT and Adrenal Meds.

  • It's really not a good idea to call them 'meds'. Causes confusion at best and even puts some people off taking them. They are not médicine. NDT is Thyroid Hormone Replacement. And Adrenal 'meds' could be hormone replacement if you're taking HC, or if it's something like NutriAdrenal, then it's a supplement.

    Glad to hear that the B12 worked for you! :)

  • They are prescribed by my doctor and sent to me by a pharmacy which makes them a medication (med·i·ca·tion (medəˈkāSH(ə)n): noun, a substance used for medical treatment, especially a medicine.) Even vitamins can be a medication if they are used for medical treatment.

    Sorry that some people feel that way about the word medication.

  • OK As you wish.

  • Most Vitamins ('vital' mineral =essential for life) are not found in veggies but in meat (esp fat!) - the clue is that we have canine teeth......

  • I hadn't thought of that! Well, some of us have canine teeth! lol Lost mine - along with the rest - a long time ago! But yes, the canines are for tearing at the meat!

    We really are designed to eat meat, there's no getting round it, no matter how sorry you feel for the animals. That's the way nature intended it to be. There are other essential nutrients that are only found in meat, like some amino acids. It's a shame - I'd much rather live on lettuce (with salad cream!) but that's the way it is.

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