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New TSH levels

Hi I have new results, was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on them please? TSH 0.24 FT4 15.7, I am currently on 75mcg of levo and my endocrine nurse had kept my Levo as it is till I go back in 8 weeks? Is this normal and is there any advice of what I can expect when I go back, yo be honest I feel more 'normal' than I have for a while so I didn't really want her to mess with my med's! Was that the right thing to do? Thanks in advance

I previously had Graves' disease which levelled out feb 14, diagnosed with hypothyroidism in November 14

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Janey, if you feel good on a dose, avoid changing it. Your TSH is probably slightly below range but is fine. FT4 looks ok too. Half to 3/4 of the way through range is good. If your follow up test result is similar there shouldn't be any change to your dose.


If you find that clinical symptoms are returning before the 8 weeks, make an appointment for another blood test, not taking levo before it and having test as early as possible.


As you had Graves your body has been sensitised to very high levels of T4 therefore it will always have trouble coping on anything lower than around 20

Hence you probably need an increase of levo

Be VERY SURE not to take levo for 24 hours before any tests

ask for




vit d3

to be checked as they all must be halfway in their anges for you to utilise the levo

plus be sure to take a good multivitamin before bed as all your levels will have been trashed by graves and hypo


RFU, is there a reason you suggest taking the vitamin at bedtime. I used to work in a lab and the PhD said to always take vitamins with food to facilitate absorption. I would assume the stomach is fairly empty at bedtime.


I was told by a Nutritionist (who has written for TUK in the past) that you should take Vitamins in the morning to wake you up and Minerals at night to help with sleep. Would be good to have some scientific evidence for this, but fully agree with taking them with food as they are absorbed better and good to have them recommended anyway RFU.


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