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Help ??

I am going for some blood test this week to check me out, I have had to beg for some blood test !

Here are my symptoms, which I have been to see my G.P Numerous times now.

1. Massive weight gain/ bloaty .3 stone in 12 month.

2 .Horendous thirst.

3. Poor appetite/ nausea/vomiting

4. Low mood/ depression for the last 2 years.

5. Pains in my joints.

6 Restless legs and arms @ night.

7. Urinating lots.

I think that I warrant blood test. But has anyone else have any of these symptoms ? I am pulling my hair out and fed up of trailing the internet to find a reason for all these symptoms.

Age 53.

Thank You

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Welcome to the forum, smj81.

Ask your GP to test thyroid function, diabetes and vitamin D.

Thirst, weight gain and frequent urination sound like diabetes symptoms.

Weight gain, joint pain, low mood/depression and restless legs/arms can be underactive thyroid.

Low vitD can cause joint and bone pain.

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Thank you Clutter for replying, I am truly at my wits end now. I am going for some blood test this week but I don't know what he is testing me for, I will ask the nurse when I get there. I know its a fasting blood test.



A higher cholesterol can be due to hypothyroidism which would reduce when put on levothyroxine. If it's a fasting test it will be early which is good as the TSH is highest then, if you should have a thyroid gland dysfunction. Sometimes we can have a couple of autoimmune conditions at the same time.

Ask for a full thyroid function test which is TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, and Free T3 (sometimes they don't do them if TSH is 'in range'). Also ask for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. We are usually deficient and the first two in particular can cause problems.


Sounds like diabetes not thyroid


I'd also add cholesterol/lipid profile to the above list. If your cholesterol is high, you may well have a thyroid condition. If your vision is blurring &/or you have cataracts or glaucoma, you may well have a thyroid condition. Diabetes is, in my humble opinion, a hormone/endocrine/thyroid condition. I'd also insist on testing TSH, FT4 and FT3.

When it's all done, get the lab printouts of your lab results WITH the lab reference ranges of each test, and post them here.


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