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Losing my sense of taste


Hi everyone,

I keep losing my taste. It is driving my mad lol. It is not all the time though. It seems to come and go especially at hormonal times. I am 45, so not sure if this is down to thyroid or peri menopause.

Anyone experienced this?


Carolineanne x

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Strange that you have posted on this,just as I was realising this happens to me.I am 65 & been on T4 since 1997.About to try adding T3 for my hypothyroid symptoms,despite "normal"blood tests.

As I lost all pleasure in food for 2 years during a depression(2011-2013)I wondered if I was "a bit down"also could chronic sinus problems be affecting my SOT.But now I live by the sea & use a "Sinugator"my sinus problems are hugely improved.I have been really enjoying my food,then realised everything was tasteless-been blaming the food!

Made a curry last night for this reason.

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Hi there

It's quite annoying isn't it? I believe it's been happening to me for a quite a while. I've been blaming the food also. I would complain about things being tasteless or tasting off. No one in the family agreed. Then sometimes I would eat the same meal at a different time and it would taste so nice. I particularly noticed it at christmas when we had mint matchmakers. The taste was so dulled down.

I am on t3 now and i still get this on and off. It's very disappointing when you make a lovely meal and it is either tasteless or just tastes horrible.

For me I think it's down to the thyroid , having been through peri & menopausal myself. I noticed lack of taste now for more than a year. So bad I had to ask friends to try the salt when we went out to eat because I just couldn't taste it. Now I only really find pleasure in spicy or hot foods.

Yes and because everything is so tasteless I crave certain foods like chocolate but then it doesn't taste of anything. Just as well eat the wrapper.

its affected my sense of smell too.

I seem to lose my sense of taste at times too. I know it's out-of-sorts when I've cooked something that tastes rank or of nothing, but my husband says that it isn't (he assures me that he isn't just being kind). I tend to want food to have a very strong taste for me to be able to appreciate it - spicy, tomato, etc. It is noticeable with things l haven't cooked as well and where the taste should be consistent (certain chocolate bars which I have had a lifelong addiction too).

You could be zinc deficient.

Hello Carolineanne, I have this as well, It could be that you have a zinc deficiency - when I took chelated zinc things did improve, but not fully, I did read that it can be due to an under treated thyroid - certainly the case for me. Also my sense of smell comes and goes with it.

Best wishes

Thanks guys. I will look into zinc. It might help. :)

Hi all

Yep I have had the same symptoms, loss of taste and sense, currently I think the smell one is undergo, I daily burn oils int house and I can just about smell those. It got really bad when my nephew did a number 2 and I could not for the life of me smell, he was sitting right next to me. I also go through the phases of not being able to tolerate meat, it just makes me fell sick and nasueas.

It's the thyroid I know people think we blame everything on it but, yh it's, is it fault life is so diminished it's astounds me how something can take away your existence, being, spirit and presence.

I some times which I had cancer at least than people would understand it more without the eye rolls and the hap hazard sympathy tones, like it's a bore. :0

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