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Starting a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Hello all, I have decided that I am well enough now to try and start to lose some of the weight I gained when I was untreated for Hashimoto's. I chose to do a medically supervised program because of the Hashis and a number of other medical conditions. The doctor there said that they do not monitor my meds, they expect your regular doctor to do that. I was also told that as I lose weight, my meds may need to be adjusted. Has anyone experienced this? How often did your doctor check your thyroid meds? Every couple of months? Only when you felt their was a change? Thanks

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I wish you success on your new programme to lose weight. Your thyroid medication might need an adjustment but it should be according to how you feel and not your TSH.

I think, when we have been on medication long enough, that we sense less or more is needed.


Thank you Shaws!


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