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Autism and thyroid antibodies

For anyone with antibodies and a child with autism, Just drawing attention to this blog


It is discussing research which found that raised antibodies against the thyroid in pregnancy v much raised the chances of the baby being autistic.

DON'T PANIC if you are pregnant - it's just a raised chance, not a certainty.

Interestingly, the risk didn't increase with raised TSH levels. Many, many women of course would be unaware that they had antibodies.

I was interested because this research would probably apply to me - I have an ASD child, and when I did a full thyroid test privately I found I had antibodies, which were slightly raised, not far above the upper limit.

Autism has also been recently linked to low iron in pregnancy - which of course you might well be suffering if you were hypothyroid or had the very beginnings of Hashi's.

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Hi Aspmama, thanks for posting. I'm sorry you've had no replies.


My son has autism and I don't know how long I had the thyroid condition while pregnant as I didn't find out till my daughter was one. However my daughter is fine so strange


Yes, autism I think, like ADHD, affects around 4 times as many boys as girls. The girls have some protective mechanism in the womb perhaps. Interestingly, I read some research on rats (or was it mice? poor things) which showed that if they are deprived of iron in the womb four times as many boy rats/mice show problems afterwards as girls.

There is also some recent research which found a link between low iron in mothers and autism in offspring. How would Hashi antibodies link into this? The high incidence of low iron stores in hypo mothers? Or something more complicated?

My son has/had gut issues and anxiety and the sensitivities - does yours?


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