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Metabolic balance diet - has anyone tried it?

I was just reading an article about the Metabolic Balance personalized diet plans and wondered whether anybody has tried it? I know it originated in Germany but has been available in Britain for a few years now and on paper looks just like something potentially thyroid friendly.

And on the topic of metabolic balance in general I also found this little article in which a heart surgeon admits that current medical guidelines regarding diet and heart disease are wrong. Apologies if it has already been mentioned earlier.

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I just posted this link for another member and it may include some information for you as well. I do think knowing your metabolic type is important. I'm pretty certain I am more hunter-gatherer and some are mixed. The eat-for-your-blood type diet was also popular years ago.


Thanks Heloise. I am pretty sure this is not the Metabolic balance diet originated by dr Funfack (I know!) in Germany I was researching.


LOL, hmmm.

My link is old as it was popular when I was embarking on the reasons that modern medicine just doesn't get it anymore and alternative doctors were making some strides. Of course these poor people were being attacked from all sides but, still, the theories were interesting and with chronic disease becoming so insidious and costs so high we have to look at different angles. People have to take control of their health and need information just as you are doing. I hope you find what suits you!


Anything attached to a huge bureaucracy become like the dinosaurs and need to become extinct. They lose all their value because they cannot keep up with research....even very old research. Save doctors for infections and surgery. Plus, they persecute those who do.

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