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Acne resulting from Levothyroxine

I definitely know the acne i'm suffering from are the results of Levothyroxine i'm taking desperately. recently i'm taking Tetracycline capsule 250 every 12 hours and i can look at the mirror confidently again. but how long should i take this capsule? and as swallowing the capsule for a long run, is it possible for my body to be resistance toward this and it wouldn't affect the acne????

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Tetracycline could have an interaction with levothyroxine. So try and leave 4 hours between taking levo and it.

Maybe take note of the make of the levo you take at present and maybe a change to another might make a difference. The acne could be due to the fillers/binders in the one you take at present.

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Thanks a million. But according to my poor understanding in English, i really appreciate if you could elaborate more on what you recommended.


You type English well but I realise that some words would not be familiar.

I will try. Medications for different illnesses have a 'geniuine' original name. a 'Brand Name' and has a Patent and other companies cannot copy it for around 10 to 15 years.

After that other companies can make a generic (or copy of it).

For levothyroxine it was Eltroxin and there are now several generic makes of levothyroxine, so they although the levothyroxine in the tablet remains the same the other things put within it to make a 'tablet' may differ from the original. Some of us have sensitivities to the ingredients but not the levothyroxine. Some even have a sensitivity to the original Eltroxin.

With sensitivies we do not feel so good on some tablets and have to try another to see if it works for us.

Extract from the following link.

Why are Generic Drugs Cheaper Than Brand Name Drugs?

A brand name drug has to go through 10-15 years of research and testing in animals and people before it can be sold to the public. During this testing, the company making the drug must prove that it is safe and effective for people to use. All of this testing can cost over $1 billion. Once the new drug is approved, the company that made and tested it receives a patent. This means that no other company can make the drug until the end of the patent, which is usually 10-15 years after the drug is released.

When a patent for a brand name drug expires, any other company can copy the drug and sell a generic version. These other companies must only prove that their product is the same as the brand name drug. This means that generic drug companies do not have to spend as much time and money because they do not have to invent or test the drug for safety and get FDA-approval. This is why generic drugs cost less.

When a patent for a brand name drug expires, there are usually a number of companies that begin to make a generic version of the drug. Since there is more than one company making the drug, the price is lowered even farther due to competition between all of the different generic drug makers.


Perfect explanation, absolutely! Anyway i live in iran and you may already know about the disastrous process of getting access to a brand and real medicine. I tried to consult with the doctor but he insists prescribing this type of lev.


Well I do hope it works but there might be a couple of generics made by different companies.

I am very sorry you are living in a very troubled country at present and do hope the situation improves soon.


I hope so and i must say thank you again for your time and concern. I really appreciate sir/madam.


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