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Hypothroid fight for diagnosis or not?

For 10 years now I have been convinced of hypothyroidism and yet to be diagnosed. My first test was weeks after my first child's birth, I was tsh 3.8. I have had tests since then and had my doctor deny tests saying I just need to lose weight and I will feel better. My main consistent symptoms have been obviously weight, constant tiredness but also inability to sleep, stress, depression, headaches, swollen neck, puffy eyes, the list goes on.

The last 2 or 3 years people always ask am I sick as my voice is so hoarse, my hair is so bad it can look like a frizz ball straight after treatments, libido what

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A tsh of 3.8 is not normal and would have been treated in most of the world. Except the uk, where we are rather poorly looked after. You can ask your doctor for results of all the tests results for thyroid function over the past few years, and under the 1998 data protection act, he has to give them to you ( write a letter, send an sae). I suspect he has only done tsh though.

Alternatively, you could get a full thyroid profile. (Tsh, free t3, free t4 and antibodies) Done for around a hundred pounds. ( details under testing, http// if it shows a problem you can use it to demand your doctor does something.... (Referral, treatment.). You deal direct with the lab and they send your results to you.

At least if you know for sure there is a problem, you will be able to argue your case/ complain about the doc/ or even self treat.

Other stuff goes wrong when you are hypothyroid and several things can make you feel pretty awful..... You also need checks for: Vitamin d, vitamin b12, ferritin and iron saturation and also copper and zinc can make a difference.

Its a bit of a tangled mess, but many of us have got back our health, hair and energy.... Have a read of dr peatfields book..... Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy...... Available on amazon for Less than £10.

Xx. G


change your doctor fast to one who actually knows what hypothyroid is

your TSH and your symptoms scream hypothyroid

insist on tests for

Thyroid Antibodies


Free t4

Free t3




vit d3


That was my first time posting and I just realised a portion of the post is missing.

As you can imagine given the near 6am post I also have serious sleep issues, cold hands and feet, terrible hair, really ridiculous memory, puffy eyes, hoarse voice (people always asking am I sick), so much more.

Am I fed up and considering even taking just t3 for a bit to see if it helps. At least then I could have some bargaining power maybe.


Oh, it does make me so mad when people say 'lose weight and you'll feel better'! I've lost about 50 kilos in the last year. Do I feel better 'for it'? No!!! I feel better when my T3, cortisol, vits and mins are optimal. Losing the weight was a side-effect. During times of stress when I need extra T3 or cortisol, the lost weight has no effect whatsoever! It's nice to be able to fit into clothes that I haven't been able to wear for years, but that is no consolation when I have an infection and my levels dip. They just have no idea what they're talking about!

And now I've lost that weight, my bug-bear is people saying 'don't you feel better for it?' No, no, and no again! lol Sorry for the rant but... it's so condescending!

Yes, it sounds to me like you are hypo. That hoarse voice is a dead give-away. Unfortunately, doctors know nothing about symptoms. They just aren't taught to recognise them. But we know because we've all been through them.

Stick to your guns. You know your body better than any doctor, and you know when things aren't right. Being over-weight cannot be responsible for your TSH being 3.8, low FT3 is what's causing it. Tell them you want it tested. And if they refuse, it would be well worth your while to get it tested privately.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks so much. I've been made to feel like I'm looking for an excuse for weight when I have so many other symptoms. Right now my tongue is so swollen it's being cut by my teeth, this is a new thing over the last few months and one of the reasons I'm a addressing thyroid again as I've found it to be a cause too. Every time I feel ill it points to thyroid it can't be a coincidence.


By the time my TSH had reached 3.5 I was asleep 13 hours a day (but awake for several hours in the night) and could barely drag myself around. I had to go private for a diagnosis.

You could try fighting with what energy you have, but if you can afford it, a visit to a sympathetic doctor (not necessarily an endocrinologist) privately might be much easier!


Just to update a week on. So I've got a spot on my chin, a large one, first in 10 years. The dry skin that's been annoying me for years on my nose is gone, I've tried umpteen creams but now it's gone.

Lines on my fingertips are fading. I usually need to moisturise my hands and feet 2 to 3 times a night, 1 time last night hands only. Although I'm still suffering my insomnia I'm waking and able to get up even after only 5 hours. My coldness Is settling too, feet are no longer like ice blocks.

Oh my am I hungry, like I haven't been in years but not as thirsty either. These are the main differences I've noticed. I'm hoping my hair will look less straw like soon, I'm finding myself a little short of breath today so I'll keep an eye on that.


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