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Positive news - one less symptom!!

I'd made up my mind that this year a decision had to be made whether or not to continue with my passion for mountain biking due to ongoing shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath just happened to be one of the very first symptoms I experienced before knowing I was hypo. Consultation with GP concerning this was no help, probably cos at the same consultation I also complained of hair shedding, a bald patch on my head and weight gain. I clearly didn't realise at the time that the writing was on the wall for me at this Surgery.

Fast forward to 2015 and noticed that my breathlessness had disappeared when riding. Another ride a week later was the same. Last Saturday saw me out in the countryside enjoying the sunshine and was actually able to open my lungs and fill them with air, again and again. What a fantastic feeling, I was so happy!!

I haven't worked out why, could it be due to my much reduced dose of T3 or could it be due to recently supplementing with Zinc? Will I ever know?

It's truly wonderful to have cracked this as I couldn't imagine giving up a hobby that I've enjoyed for over 15 years.

May I thank everyone here for sharing their experiences and posting up links for others to increase their knowledge. Without this sharing of knowledge we would just stumble along in the dark and not improve our health. Small steps can lead to bigger steps and knowledge is power.

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Well don cinnammon girl. It really is amazing when you begin to get well, as you appear to have done otherwise you wouldn't have been able to cycle as you used to do. I think T3 must be the 'magic' ingredient for you.

Best wishes and your post will uplift many who are still struggling.


Thank you for your kind words shaws. Your input together with links are always appreciated.


HI CInnamon - just to comment I experienced a lot of breathlessness on T3 but when I reduced the dosage I realised it disappeared - took a while. I read somewhere about exercise and T3 and how it is utilised - can't find the darn story now but it did suggest breathlessness on exercising if on too much T3

What about your hair - any luck getting that fixed?


Hi lizanne, yes I believe there is a paper on this topic somewhere.

I've changed hair treatment and am now using Salon Science (only available from Boots) which is a 3 step treatment. Early days though. I previously used Nioxin which took 6 months to see a result.


Did you have any luck with Nioxin ? What made you chose Salon Science is it recommended re hair loss? Just interested to know as some of your symptoms seem very similar to mine


I bought a massive bottle of Nioxin that lasted nearly a year but felt that was long enough to use one product. Salon Science was mentioned in an article in the Daily Mail a few months back with apparent good results:

At £15 a bottle it isn't cheap although highly concentrated. Bought it when they were doing 3 for 2.

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