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Thyroid removed and low pulse rate plus feeling cold all the time

I had my Thyroid removed completely about ten years ago. I visit the specialist every six months with blood tests and all seem to be ok. I am taking 75mg of levothyroxine and find that when I take my blood pressure this is ok but my heart pulse rate is always below 60 and can be as low as 48. I find it very difficult to lose weight and am fairly active. Is there anyone out there with the same problem and if so have they found a solution?

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What far too many Endos fail to remember is very old Swedish research which says after Graves Disease the body is so sensitised to high levels of thyroid hormones it can never again cope on so called "normal "

Hence if you have had your thyroid removed I cannot believe you are only on 75mcg levothyroxine

most patients would be comatose

do you have copies of your blood tests in ref ranges





Vit D3

been tested because they are vital and MUST be over halfway in their ranges


My blood tests are just for T4 and T3 and also Cholesterol ( every other year). I am on 75mcg which keeps my T4 and T3 tests within their parameters. My Thyroid was originally removed because of a large Goitre and nodules.


Within parameters is RUBBISH

Need actual figures and reference ranges

No wonder your cold and cant loose weight

Your GP knows SQUAT about thyroid


Doctors tell us that everything is normal whenever what they are testing is within the reference range. So your Free T4 might be :

12.1 pmol/L Reference range 12 - 22

and doctors will tell you this is fine. For a massive majority of people with thyroid problems this is not the case. Most people on levothyroxine need Free T4 to be in the top 25% of the reference range to have a hope of feeling well (other forms of thyroid medication will affect blood test results differently). This is why it is vital for all of us to ask for (insist upon) our blood test results, including the reference ranges.

Your low heart rate is a classic problem for people who are hypothyroid, and so is feeling cold. You need a raise in your medication urgently. You almost certainly need the addition of some T3 to your dose as well, if you want to have a hope of feeling well again.

Your gut function is likely to be compromised by being hypothyroid, and you will be low in lots of vitamins and minerals as reallyfedup said above. So tests for those are vital too.

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Did you find your cholesterol was high. I also have had my thyroid removed and endos are always trying to get me on statins .. which I won't take as the cholesterol appears to be directy linked to my levo intake. My dosage just now is 100 and 125 alternate days, sometimes I have to halve the 25 s here in uk we only have 3 strengths to choose from.


Hello Pepekins, no my Cholesterol is good and my TSH, T3 and T4. I am as perplexed as you that I only take 75mcg but I have been on that dose for 8 yrs. I see my endo every six months here in France. My problem is that my pulse rate seems very low and hence I feel cold a lot of the time and am unable to lose weight ( I guess because my metabolic rate is low). I am trying to find out whether there is anyone out there with the same problem.


I am no doctor but it appears your symptoms suggest you are undermedicated!

Do check it out.


Nia, I find it hard to believe that 75mcg can be enough for most thyroidless people. My sister had RAI and her TSH on 100mcg is 1.6, higher than comfortable for many but suits her. My dose 100mcg Levothyroxine plus 30mcg Liothyronine (T3), is high-ish because my TSH needs to be suppressed after thyroidectomy.


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