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As I read the posts on this site I find my self been discussed by the way we all l seem to be treated by medical professionals . May be I could understand their attitudes if maybe one in a 100 of us complained of all the different symptoms but it not that way at all . I wonder as to why we are dismissed. No one with another disease would be dismissed the way we are. It's disgraceful and makes me personally distrust the medical profession . My doctor told me to 'have faith' faith in what exactly a profession that dismisses my illness . That go by the book and not by real people . It is a lonely path we have to walk and the only faith I have is that with out sites like this one I would be driven to total dispare. Thank you all of you .

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Thanks Wendy. I'd like to think that no other illness/disease is treated similarly to hypothyrodism but I don't think that's true, unfortunately. We can only hope that thyroid fora and thyroid patient advocates will educate patients and medical professionals alike to improve our lot.


It is a pity but the blame cannot be put fully on the doctors who have to toe the line that British Thyroid Association's guidelines state. They also make false statements about Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones, I assume so that it wont be prescribed. It does make many people well but doctors are worried to prescribe.

We have to read and learn ourselves, unfortunately, to find our way back to some reasonable good health. If not, and not on an optimum medication, we can develop other more serious diseases but maybe the BTA wont agree.

Also to have the support of this forum and least we can get assistance/help/understanding.


I know how you feel Wendy - we have each other and thats worth a lot. Keep on plugging :)


I have faith in myself, I know the way I feel and refuse to allow any doctor to change that.


The doctors have to toe the party line. The late Dr Skinner didn't and had several brushes with the General Medical Council but patients supported him and the GMC couldn't manage to strike him off. I make it sound like a witch hunt but it certainly seemed like that but he continued to help many of us. So even the few GP's who understand more are frightened they will lose their livelihood. Other countries treat differently and better. We have on the forum people who have been treated for years in mainland Europe but when work sends them here there are refused treatment as the dreaded TSH reading is very low!


I have only seem to have a problem when discussing Hashimoto's with my endocrinologist. I have sensible, adult discussions with my neurologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, orthopaedic surgeon etc etc., all of whom seem to have a better understanding of Hashimoto's than the endocrine "specialist".

I accept that the endocrinologist's hands may be tied, for whatever reason (NHS guidelines or whatever), but all the other specialists will often be honest about why they can't treat me in a certain way, why they want to do (or not do) a specific test, use (or not use) a specific drug, or will admit that they will take further advice from another doctor if they are unsure of something, and have not treated me as an idiot. It is only with the endocrinologist that I have wanted to bang my head against the wall.


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