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Endo appointment today

I`m just back from the appointment and according to my endo everything is normal (just as I expected).

My latest results are TSH 0.10 (0.35-3.50) T4 18 (8-21) and T3 4.30 (4-6)

I mentioned my T3 was low and she sort of agreed that it could be- but that we have no knowledge of what my T3 is when I`m well. She said many people are better with a lower T3.

I asked if she`s trial me with T3 and although she was very nice the answer was No.

So I`m hoping to self medicate and add a small amount to my Levo- could someone please Private Message me a reputable source?

I understand it`s hard to get at the moment and wondered if anyone has any suggestions on where to try?

Many thanks

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Joyliz, your FT3 should improve as your increased dose of Levothyroxine takes effect. 18 days really isn't long enough for FT4 ad FT3 to improve. Have another blood test in 6/8 weeks to see how your levels are. If FT3 is still low you could try a little T3 then and it maybe more easily accessible by then too.


Thanks Clutter, I didn`t realize that it could improve as the levo takes effect. I`ll see how I go then before trying to get some T3. The endo also said that I`m to have another blood test in 4 weeks as we don`t know if the RAI has destroyed all of the thyroid yet- and until then stay at 125 levo. I`m to go back to see her in 6 months.


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