Daily Mail on line 12th Jan. Adrenal Issues

I realise someone else may have posted on this article but felt I needed to say WELL DONE TO HELEN, HUMAN BEAN AND MUMOFTHREE for taking up the challenge of the bloggers who say Adrenal fatigue, Thyroid disease and and other difficult to diagnose conditions don't exist and are just hypochondria and laziness.

I got myself well wound up by the crass and ignorant comments some people were posting.

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  • I have to admit that the human bean posting on the Daily Mail adrenal fatigue article is not me. (I just wish I was that fluent!)

    Edit : And I wish I was that even-tempered - some of the comments would have made me completely lose my temper if they had been aimed at me!

  • Apologies humanbean I didn't notice the space in the name, I had got so disgusted at some of the ignorant comments in the responses to the article.

  • Hi sisken, I didn't bother with it but I know how easy it is to use different browsers to set up several accounts or access other computers at work and conduct your own campaign. It could have even been "doctor's orders" at some medical office. Try not to stew.

  • Hi Heloise, I suppose I am an idiot to let myself get upset by people I don't know, who seem to have nothing better to do than trade nasty comments on line DM.

  • I often have the same reaction to comments that seem solely designed to insult, demean and hurt people - and such comments do appear on the Daily Mail articles a lot. I wish I was more armour-plated.

  • Yes many replies very very vitriolic but it's also so upsetting when your own family are so dismissive! The other day I noticed a before and after picture on Thyroid Friends I think it was. On the left was a very old looking lady with a sagging face, dull eyes under the caption of low adrenals, sex hormones and thyroid. The other side was a glamorous happy lady after medication. It was a wow effect. I showed it to my son who immediately said it was fixed and not the same person and I could understand that reaction but he was so dismissive when I pointed out that it could well be genuine as that happens when you have these problems! Later in the day I emailed a link about how a thyroid unbalance can change your life and not in a good way. my only comment was that he should read this as such problems run in families and that if he gets any symptoms in the future to get it tested as leaving it could make it more difficult to get well. I don't think he will read it but I hope that if he does follow in my footsteps that he remembers what I suggested.

  • About the photo, when doing research I found a chronological photo of a young lady who had photographed not just before and after but the gradual facial changes too. It was amazing.

    I'll see if I can find it as I think it would be harder to argue about it due to the way she'd done it (it all looked very natural). Also what benefit would there be for someone to bother doing that.. Unlike dieters who are getting paid to promote diet fads/pills etc., none of us get paid to promote thyroid hormone!

  • Here it is:


    Scroll right to the bottom for the chronological timeline pictures. This gave me hope.

  • Interesting!

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