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different fillers and binders in 125 mg Erfa pills?

I switched from Erfa 2 grain pills to Erfa 30 and 60 mg pills about a month ago. Since the switch, I have had to decrease the dosage from 8 grains daily to 6 grains. I felt good on 8 grains as long as I was taking 4x125 mg pills daily, but hyper on 8x60 mg.

I read somewhere that the 2 grain pills contain different fillers and binders than the lower strength pills. Does anyone know if that is true? That could explain why I needed to decrease the dosage when I switched to 30 and 60 mg pills...

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Hi Cat, I see no responses on this. There have been many discussions about Erfa lately, usually it's in regard to different batches and strengths. I would assume all doses might have the same fillers but you might do better by calling the company or the pharmacist as they usually have all the ingredients listed.


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