Could this woman be any more idiotic if she tried?

The latest wheeze from that social pariah Katie Hopkins is to blag on about her latest 'fat experiment'. Instead of wishing the Ebola virus on her after her stupid comments about the returning healthworker, I would like to see her undergo an intense course of Carbimazole to let her know what a real 'fat problem' looks like from the inside of a hormonal condition. Then she could make a programme about just how easy it would be for all of us to get rid of the weight a lack of proper treatment has put on us. Now that could be funny...

4 Replies

  • If only newspapers and TV companies would stop paying her. Stupid stupid woman.

  • Total ignorance! Especially on the subject of nutrition! She has skimmed milk for breakfast and a Milky Way for lunch! Very balanced diet.

    I really object to 'celebraties' whose only talent is opening their big ignorant mouths. Why do people pay them such heed? Her little outburst there has just pushed us well and truly back into the dark ages. But to be honest, whose fault is that?!?

  • Don't take it to heart, that is how she is making her living. There are comedians that earn a living by making jokes about people with all kinds of disabilities (more shame on the people that think it is funny), and there are people like her who do it "more seriously". The more worked up we get the more money she gets. Is she going to make any difference to our lives - no. If she really believes what she says then she is a bigotted idiot, and I personally would not waste a minute of my time reading or watching what she has to say. Her nasty attitude towards everything is her cash cow which says a lot about her abilities.

  • If we ignore her, she will eventually go away, she makes money by our attention to her. Maybe we should feel sorry for her? Im sure she'd hate that!

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