Friends at appointments

I saw a similar post about taking a man along to appointments. A friend of mine mentioned she was worried about me- made a change from my mum!- but I have to say she wasn't the first as work colleagues have also mentioned that I am not myself.

She made the appointment and told the GP she had done so because she was so worried. It definitely helps because I was taken seriously, so would definitely recommend it.

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  • That's a really good approach. Glad you were taken seriously and hope you are getting better now.

  • I always recomend that someone knows you really from before you went downhill goes with you

    plus i always say write a list of every single symptom because they change from week to week

  • Friends also help remember what the doctor says, in case you forget. Hypo's have terrible brain fog and forgetfulness at times.

  • yup, that's me at the moment. Got into the shower with my bra still on. Went to Asda without my debit card. Tried to open the front door with my car key zapper and got cross when it didn't open and forgot my car boot opens sideways on my car I have had for several months so my shopping fell out and my French stick rolled out into the gutter in the rain. I was standing there for five minutes trying to decide what to do with it.... do you leave a French stick in the gutter or put soggy bread back in the car??? Can you imagine why my friend was worried about me?!

  • I can so relate to this - probably write chapters about incidents like that

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