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Do I take carbimazole before blood test

Hi I have a blood test Friday I feel pretty awful my last bloods showed I was over medicated so dose was lowered I think im still over medicated as feel like I've got flu joint pains and although I feel hot my temputure is only 35.7

I read a lot that if you are on hypo meds to not take before blood test but does that apply to carbimozole

Any ideas thanks

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Rush, Carbimazole has a shorter half life than Levothyroxine but I think the principle of meds peaking in the blood stream shortly after ingestion applies. If you think you may be overmedicated then it may be useful to measure the circulating dose in your blood and take your Carb after your blood test.


Thanks clutter that is kind of what I thought. To

As if I'm Wright in thinking carb Stops the thyroid making t4


Rush, yes Carb's an antithyroid drug and stops you making T4. That's why regular blood testing is needed as you can quickly become hypothyroid if dose isn't adjusted.


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