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Aphasia and Hypothyroidism

Everyone will know about hypothyroidism not every one may know about aphasia - look it up here .

We know that T3 is used by heart surgeons and physiologists for depression. So T3 is important for heart and head - I'm hoping this is the case for my brain!

Over last 4 weeks stroke, TIAs, carotid blocks and Alzheimer's have been eliminated with CT, MRI and Ultrasound. I've been left with a cold nose, low morning temperature (35.9), fuzzy mind, and worst of all Aphasia which has been developing over the year, confirmed by mature daughters and my wife.

Aphasia is normally put down to brain damage, usually tumor, but no one who's looked at results has said there is a tumor and my neurologist appointment is not until end of Feb 2015.

All good of course!

My mistake, said this on the forum before, is that I stopped T3 because the bloods, especially for T3, where OK, about a year ago. Looking back, cold nose, finding words and less concentration were gradually developing.

Has anyone on the forum who has experienced this combination or others similar!?

This may be of interest: if you want to dig.


PS. back on T3 and the cold nose and temperature improving. Will have bloods results mid next week.

PS2. I've had the calcium blockers and the renin system blockers and blood vessel cleaners. Stopped the lot, felt horrid, never took the Statin! Relying on T3 to lower the cholesterol to clear the vessels and make my speech brain work fully again.

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Yup. My aphasia is so bad I sometimes forget what it's called! (Boom boom! Haven't lost my sense of humour, though. lol)

Yes, I've had this for some time. My mother had it too, although never diagnosed with hypo, I'm 99.9% sure she was! Conversations between us would go something like this:

mum : oh, you know who I saw the other day? That chap who was in that series, what was it called?

me : oh, you mean the one with that actress, um, married to that bloke in Coronation Street?

mum : Was it Coronation Street? I thought it was... that one that's on at lunch time.

me : I know the one you mean, with that woman... with blond hair, got a dog.

mum : no, that's mrs whatsit from down the road, no, I meant... thingy... you know...

And by the time we'd wroked out who we were talking about we'd, forgotten why we were talking about him!

And yet when it came to figures and mental calculation, my mum was as sharp as a knife!

Yup, quite definately a hypo symptom!

Hugs, Grey


I found that T3 plus adrenal support pretty much sorted out my aphasia.


Thanks for the encouragement!

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