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My daughter has under active thyroid and is still not under control. She I snowing seeing a private endo Dr Toft in edinburgh but he has advised to get a dairy intolerance test done but the NHS I live in does not so the test and the hospital we see DR Toft does not do. Can anyone suggest where I could get this test done I am happy to go private for this.

I hope someone can help me with this as I can not see an end to it all.

Thank you

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Has he explained why? Has he advised any other tests be done?


You could ask Allergy UK - they would probably know where to refer you locally.


Thank you got in contact with them but unfortunately they have said to go to a dietician


That's a shame - I wonder if they suggested that as they view it an intolerance rather than allergy.

A 'test' you could do yourself is to look up an elimination diet plan and get your daughter to follow that before re-introducing dairy. I had to do this in order to fully figure out my allergies and intolerances. For me the results were very conclusive and obvious, perhaps it might be the same for your daughter.


I am trying to get it done too, but the nhs doesn't do it here either, so I will be following this discussion with interest.


Can't help with the testing, I'm afraid, but just wanted to say that I have an underactive thyroid and am also dairy-intolerant, but so far, no -one (me included) had linked the two, so I'm very interested in the fact that Dr Toft seems to think there's a link. Thanks for posting it.


Sorry I can't help you, but I hope you don't mind me asking is Dr Toft a good endo. I live in Fife and been seeing the NHS endo , I feel that I am not getting the correct support or treatment but no one I can see. I would be more than happy to see Dr Toft if it would be worth it .



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