Hi I am applying for ill health retirement due to long term hypothyroidsim which has become worse and I am unable to work or function normally.

The Scottish Pension Agency has certain criteria ,one being the predictability of me not getting better within the 5 1/2 years I have left till I actually retire at 60.

How can I explain the nature of my disease and it unpredictabiliy.

They also want me too have tried all possible medications for this.I have been on levothyroxine for 14 yrs and Endo said I should stay on same dose of thyroxine for 6 months ( 3 months in ) then sh

e will trial some t3 ,but she states that there is no eveidence that it works.

How can I suppport myself ,could anyone help ?

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  • Bhbn

  • Your Endocrinologist hasn't read any research results re T3/T4. These are a couple of links which you should send to her and you can sign the petition if you haven't already done so.

    My NHS Endo added 10mcg T3 to my T4 and it did help tremendously.

    Let's educate your Endocrinologist and also email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article by Dr Toft of the British Thyroid Association. She cannot refuse to go along with his view that some of us need T3 added and maybe a suppressed TSH.

    Highlight question 6 and I hope she has got your TSH to the point that he suggests (or suppressed).

  • Susie, Contact the endo and ask whether the trial can be brought forward. She may be willing to consider it if you explain that you will otherwise have to petition for ill health retirement.

    Tell the SPA that you take Levothyroxine which is the recommended treatment for Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism but have been unable to persuade your doctors to prescribe Liothyronine (T3) in addition, which may help control Hashimoto's and relieve your symptoms, although you have been promised a trial in 3 months.

  • Have you had all your vits and mins tested - vit D, B12, iron, ferritin, folate, magnesium... All these need to be optimal for your body to be able to deal with and use the levo you're giving it.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Forgot the zinc most important!

  • Susiebow, I've come into this thread almost a year too late but was wondering how you got on. I'm in a similar position after being off for the guts of a year but OHS have not recommended ill health retirement for me and I'm wondering if I should appeal. The alternative looks to be dismissal under inefficiency procedures. Thank you. 😊

  • Hi Nikki 28 ,I was supported by OHSAS for early ill health retirement,but SPPA declined and suggested I appeal with more info.i did not have time to do that as my pay was coming to an end after the year off work.I just applied for early retirement at reduced rate ,which has enabled me to retire.How are you doing now?

  • I'm feeling better than I was a year ago but my energy levels are still ridiculously low. I tried going back to work on a phased return in June - 3 mornings a week- but came out again mid August as I was struggling so much. I'm 43 so I can understand why they don't want to recommend ill health retirement but early retirement isn't an option for me. Whatever way my sick pay has worked out I'll still get paid until February 2016 so I'm hoping my health improves enough to get back to work before then. It's a shame you didn't get your enhanced pension but I hope you are enjoying your retirement and feel better. X

  • Hi Nikki ,glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.The same thing happened to me I did a phased return for 4 months ,but ended up that I just could not do it any more.I was a Staff Nurse.If you do leave due to ill health, you will be entitled to ESA for a year if you have paid enough national insurance.

  • I claimed ESA for about a month before I went back on my phased return. They had just sent me out a form to fill in for an assessment appointment when I returned to work. That's good to know that I would get something for the first while....just in case. Thank you.

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