I have bought the levo online

After issues for over 12 months, seeing a private endo and STILL waiting for an NHS appointment (now deferred to December) I got 50mcg levothyroxine and have currently been on it for nearly 4 months

Is it all in my head or can it literally work that fast? My skin has stopped peeling, I am not so exhausted I can hardly move, my digestion seems to have improved

Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, if these improvements are down to the levo... how do I approach my doctor/endo to say I basically self diagnosed and now I feel better?

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  • Sorry that was suppose to say 4 WEEKS!!! I wish I had been on it 4 months

  • Millymoo81,

    It takes 7-10 days to absorb the Levothyroxine but its not unrealistic to feel improvement around 4 weeks,

    I don't know how you'll persuade your GP that you need Levothyroxine if your thyroid levels weren't abnormal enough for GP to prescribe it.

  • When I see the endo then I am going to explain my research - as many people have stated on here, you can't always tell from blood results... who says that is MY normal. However, if any does have any positive ideas please let me know :)

  • Millymoo81,

    Good luck with finding an endo who treats by symptoms or YOUR normal. If you feel well on 50mcg you don't need to bother with an endo who will almost certainly be governed by blood tests.

  • thanks :) praying I meet a nice one but not holding my breath ;)

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