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Warning - Derma Pro Scam

Dear All,

About a month/6 weeks ago somebody on this forum posted information about a face cream and eye cream, Derma Pro and Ageless Eyes that was available through a website for a 14 day free trial. I signed up for the trial, ticked their terms and conditions which meant after the 14 day trial period was up I was unwittingly subscribing to an autoship programme for their product for which they have taken £320 from my account for a month's supply - this is a scam.

I don't know if the post here was made by a 'genuine' member or whether it was a 'plant' which is a tactic employed by the company to lure members in trusted online communities to participate in trials and therefore unwittingly subscribe for repeat product purchases. At any rate, buyer beware!

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Callywals, Thanks for posting the warning. I'm sorry you have been tricked into one of these scams. I'm not sure whether you can get out of it and get your money back. Perhaps you could call Citizens Advice and report Derma Pro to Trading Standards.

I've searched HU and can't find the post you refer to. HU do stop most spam and members and admin usually manage to report and delete spam which slips through HU monitoring.


I would inform your Credit Card company immediately to see if they have a solution. The small print sometimes on these offers is so small you don't read it and you don't tick the appropriate box.

It is a scam.

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Hello Shaws,

Absolutely right - I won't get caught out again!


Thank you Clutter! I am on the case but am not hopeful.


I did buy the creams but luckily my bank stopped the subscription payments and got in touch with me asking if I gave permission etc. you just don't realise what you are signing up for, it just say's a free trial and you just pay postage.

I didn't know or see it on this site.


Good your bank did that. Unfortunately, my payment has gone through.


It is always a good idea to raise it with your card provider. Even when the money appears long gone, if their terms meant that you should be covered, you might still get something back.

Also, actionfraud:

And I HATE to think of somebody making off with anybody's money and getting away with it.


Thank you for that!


Hi callywals this happened to me but with a different product,they do it with all sorts of things,you have to really check the small print in terms and conditions as you are agreeing for them to take full asking price if you dont cancel before the months up and then there after every month,they are notoriously hard to get a hold of on the phone,and its so hard to get out of as you have technically agreed to there terms,I only got out of it and got my money back when my husband eventually got them on the phone and pretended to be a lawyer,so be aware anything that says free trial or something for just postage cost,its really important read the terms and conditions,I wont be caught out again thats for sure,hope you get your money back.PS also say you will inform the press


What an extraordinary coincidence Callywals. I also got caught with Ageless eyes/Derma Pro (how vain am I!!). I think they were offering the free trial on Facebook, and like a twit took up the invitation for a free trial just paying for the postage and packing. I learnt on Saturday via e-mail, they had billed me for the two products a sum of £180 that had already been taken from my account a fortnight earlier. When I rang them all I got was the sales jargon, the woman on the end of the line was just not listening, and continued her sales patter trying to keep my custom. I got straight onto the credit card, (they have heard it all before) and it is being dealt with them as I type. I also received this morning an e-mail from the company to say that my account had been closed, I replied immediately and said what about the refund, they replied they have refunded me, which will show up in a few days. Hopefully either way I will get a refund. Note to self, if it looks too good to be true, maybe it is.

Good luck, I am sure you will get your money back.


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