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Blood Results

Hi please can someone help with these results . I received my Cortisol levels mine were 485 and lab range is 140-600mg

Also vitamin D3 has not been tested in over a year and then it was 58mg lab range 52-72mg . Is it possible that this could be my problem as I have all the symptoms of low Vitamind and would it decrease much more in a year as only got tested today and to get results .

Vitaminb12 is 580 lab range is 190-660mg .

Thanks so much in advance much appreciated :)

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Angie, If you haven't been in the sun and you haven't been supplementing your vitamin D will probably will have dropped. Post your results when they come through and members will advise what and how much to supplement.

B12 looks okay as it is rare to have neuological symptoms <500.

I don't know about cortisol levels but other members will comment.


Hi Clutter , thanks for replying really appreciated . I think low vitamin D might be the reason for my vertigo and dizziness . I'm still going to stick with the 75mg of thyroxine and see how that improves as I discovered that low levels of vitamin D doesn't absorb thyroxine either so that could be why it hadn't worked . Many thanks


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