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Hi I found a lump on my thyroid 2 months ago wasn't there before. GP referred me to ENT. Lots of hypothyroid symptoms but euthyroid results although tested many times before. ENT did antibody test as 'you do have CKD' and ultrasound + FNA biopsy. Euthyroid except 187 antibody result Hashimoto's indicated and biopsy with ultrasound indeterminate with lump 2.75cm. I am having swallowing problems and permanent sore throat. Can you please tell me what I might expect? GP says 'it need to come out'. Fine with that if needed.

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A member who has had a similar condition to you will most probably respond.

It's o.k. for GP to say 'it needs to come out' but always be cautious with your thyroid gland as it sounds easy enough, i.e. just have replacement hormones and you'll be back to normal. Obviously if it is cancerous it has to be removed. Many people do fine on replacement but others have a trying time.

If you get a copy of your blood test results, with the ranges, and post it gives members a better idea of how to reply.

Have they prescribed levothyroxine for Hashimotos?

I will see if I can get a copy of blood results thank. Do know my TSH was 2.9 in range up to 5.0 and the nodule is both solid and cystic. Waiting for consultant to contact me. Thank you for your reply though it's nice to find somewhere to talk with people who 'get it'. I can't remember the last time I felt energetic and these past few months symptoms gone up a gear including hair falling out loads. Is it possible to have Hashimoto's with hypothyroid symptoms and euthyroid blood results? My GP was very dismissive until he got the biopsy result.

Hi nickinoo1, me to I have had loss of voice for 16 weeks 3 years ago, my gp at that time said well I don't know what it is, had time off work lots of time eventually had to leave, through being so Sick and my gp doing nothing to help, since then my throat has been getting steadly worse, really husky feeling of something stuck, I can see and feel a lump and my new gp said she is quite concerned, been refered to hospital for test and tube down my throat, not looking forward to that as I gag brushing my teeth.

Not much help,I know , but we would like to think that theses people we are sent to see know what they are doing.

Good luck and keep us informed. C

Hi thanks for your reply I had a tube down throat as I lose my voice all the time for many years. They put it up my nose which bypasses the gag reflex. Was ok actually as procedures go. Good luck with your tests.

Sometimes for an endoscopy, if you ask, you can be sedated very lightly and you feel nothing. You also come round very quickly.

I had an endoscopy - very impressed by the leaflet they sent out and the people on the day.

I opted for no sedation. Comment on my results "strong gag reflex" - which was true, it was unpleasant but bearable. It was only when actually going in that there was a problem. Once in and down, and even when being withdrawn, all was OK. They were clearly very well acquainted with this!

Allow plenty of time to recover before leaving, especially if you have to drive. Indeed, if being sedated at all, simply do not drive.


Nickinoo, I also had a large nodule 2.8cm which was compressing my windpipe and making breathing and swallowing difficult. My FNA was inconclusive but wasn't repeated as a hemilobectomy was scheduled to remove the half of the thyroid with the nodule to ease my breathing. The remaining lobe is expected to pick up the slack and produce the thyroid hormone required but doesn't always and thyroid hormone replacement may be needed.

Ask for your vitamin D to be tested now and supplement to get it high in range prior to your operation. 40% of American patients are vitD deficient and outcomes are better when vitD levels are good.

I had Hashimoto's (TPOab 230) with 'normal' TSH 2.30 and felt dreadful. Hashimoto's eventually atrophies your thyroid but treatment isn't usually given until TSH is around 5.0 despite evidence that Levothyroxine can halt progression to hypothyroidism.

Read Dr. A. Toft's comments about Levothyroxine to 'nip things in the bud' in

I certainly don't wish it on you Clutter but nice to speak to someone who 'knows' and has similar symptoms. I have been reading threads and reading up - used to be a nurse so getting quite a bit picked up but until you've experienced being on the receiving end... Quite shocked by the lack of GP knowledge. I went yesterday, told GP all my symptoms and he sent me home with penicillin for my sore throat - probably nothing to do with the lump, lots going around he said! Are you well post op? Thanks for replying.

Nickinoo, I didn't have sore throat infections, but I had UTIs, heartburn, indigestion, vomiting until I was on thyroid replacement hormone after completion thyroidectomy 3 months after the hemi as the tumour was malignant.

Both surgeries were straightforward and I recovered and healed from both quickly and required little pain relief but I didn't feel well until I was prescribed T3 after the completion thyroidectomy. It probably helped that with no thyroid to attack Hashi's goes dormant. I wasn't aware then that a gluten-free diet can help reduce Hashi flares and antibodies and improve digestion.

I became very ill when I was switched to Levothyroxine 3 months later after RAI and had a very difficult time for 15 months but I'm doing okay now on T4+T3 combination.

I had my first dental appointment since thyroidectomy in June. It was amazing how much easier it is to have treatment when you can breath because a flipping great lump isn't squashing your windpipe :)

Oh I know. I had a tooth out a few months ago and a vasovagal reaction. Look forward to breathing without sounding like I'm on 40 cigs a day! Glad you are doing well now I shall take comfort in that. I know everyone is different but good to hear positives. Determined to get well whatever that means but sure I can feel a whole lot better than I do.

Nicki, you can start now by making sure your ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are good in range. They often become low/deficient in the months prior to becoming hypothyroid so it's worth asking for blood tests and supplementing to correct low levels.

Nickinoo if you have had a sore throat for ages not getting better but not getting worse I think it highly unlikely that you have a throat infection and you do not need penicillin. Good grief I thought doctors were told to stop prescribing antibiotics unneccessarily! I had a hemilobectomy on Wednesday for a nodule 4.6 cm big and but before then had a constant sore throat and neck pain. Sorry too early to say whether surgery has fixed this!

Hi Churchie well I hope you recover well and thank you for replying. That's what I figured he seemed to have no ideas that a symptom of goitre/ Hashimoto's. Not taking the penicillin until I need to.

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