Synch then cortisol reserve

I've not been on here for a while as my laptop kept crashing when I wanted to read further . Got a tablet just so I can participate ...

I did at last get to see an endocrinologist and like most people wished I had not but after two months I got a letter saying she wants to check my cortisol reserve via a sync then test. AnYone had it done, what 's it like? She also said my blood sugar levels were above normal which as I do not take sugar in any form (do not eat high glycemic foods), surprised me.Anyone any ideas, not confident as the only thing she seemed interested in was getting me off Armour Thyroid - v good and back on Levothyroxine -v bad.

Thanks Rosie

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I had a synthacen test after my cortisol left dropped dangerously low.

Basically I had a test, injection then waited a while (can't remember how long) and retested.

My test was done around 2pm and to be honest I always thought all cortisol tests should be done pre 9am, may be wrong though.

Someone else may have more in depth info.

It's not a test for you to worry about the procedure.

Glad you have a proactive Dr & hope you get to the bottom of things.


Thank you so much very reassuring. Yes I agree better to have someone trying something and knowledge is always helpful. Rosie

Hi Rosie had this test done about a month ago now I had to be at the Hospital 8.30 put a canula in your arm take blood then put injection in wait 30 minutes and take blood again. i was really tired all the time had nausea couldnt eat which i still have and now have my sores back especially one on my elbow im on levothyroxine 75 but endo keeps changing dose and everytime they do i get ill not sure whats going on got to go back to endo 10th December. Good luck with yours

Dear Lifeback

Thank you for the info. I really hope things improve for you, you are certainly trying to clarify what is going on and that is the best albeit grotty road. Rosie

If you have your latest blood test results, post them on a new question for comments. Also put the ranges. Some doctors adjust medication just because of the TSH and it can have a bad affect on us.

No surprise the Endo.did not give them to me but I am seeing my v. good GP soon and she will let me have them and I'll do it then. Good idea, thank you. Rosie

Maybe give her a copy of the following article:-

I love HealthUnlocked! I have printed the full text and I hadn't known about I am most grateful Rosie is now archived due to the death of Dr Lowe, who was an Advisor to as is his other sites, i.e. Fibromyalgia Research Foundation, etc. He is another great loss as we have also lost some other doctors who treated patients and not the blood tests.

Very sorry to hear that, people like that are precious. Are there any new likeminded people coming forward?

I had the test a while ago, no unpleasant affects from it, but normally with low cortisol you would have low blood sugar not high so a bit odd that she is doing the test. It's probably worth having just to rule it out but hopefully she will do further testing to check why your blood sugar is high as well.

Thank you, yet another thing I didn't know. If nothing else I'll be better informed by the end of this little diversion. Really wish I had paid more attention when studying the endocrine system! Rosie

For the synacthen test it is vitally important :

a) That the test is done no later than 9am. Phone up and rearrange your appointment if necessary.

b) The patient must fast for 8 - 12 hours before the test (no food or drinks or soft drinks or caffeine - only water is allowed, nothing else).

c) Keep movement, activity and stress to an absolute minimum on the day of the test. Shower the night before, get your clothes laid out ready the night before, have all your travel plans made in advance, get to the place where the test is being done in the least stressful way possible, and leave in plenty of time. Get stuck in a traffic jam and your cortisol will rise and invalidate the test!

d) Try and keep as relaxed as possible when blood samples are taken, and keep movement to an absolute minimum after injections have been given. Keep talking to an absolute minimum - just read an unexciting book.

Just about every activity you can do - eating, drinking, talking, movement - raises cortisol.

This is a real help if I'm to do this it should be under optimum conditions, thank you. Rosie

I was assuming when I wrote my reply that you expect to get a low cortisol result, and are hoping to get treated for it.

If you are expecting to get a high cortisol result, and are hoping to get that treated, then you may have to change tactics! Although I think the 9am test time still applies.

Not really sure as the endocrinologist was not the most communicative. I would say she is looking for low, the letter talks of cortisol reserve. As normal for me tends to be calm then your advice would give that as a presentation??

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