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I spoke to my doctor today about increasing my dose and if I could change to something other than levothyroxine as I'm Lactose Intolerant . Gp said I need to speak to pharmacist and see what they could offer . Also to get thyroid levels checked tomorrow and see what bloods show if no change GP won't increase my dose . I know I'm either under medicated or over as I'm soo exhausted weak and dizzy . When am I going to be well I have no idea :(

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  • Angie, All 3 UK generic Levothyroxine contain a small amount of lactose.

    If your doctor will specify lactose-free Levothyroxine on your prescription your pharmacist can order Aliud Pharma or Henning if the pharmacy has an account with IDIS.

    Alternatively you can order direct from Aliud or Henning if you pay and fax a copy of your prescription as confirmation you are hypothyroid.

  • Hi Clutter , that's great thanks so much for replying . I will ask my pharmacist as I really think I cannot tolerate levothyroxine . I'm getting my cortisol levels checked tomorrow and my thyroid but if my bloods are within the range my doctor won't increase my dose . I hope my bloods show something tomorrow one way or the other as I have symptoms of hyper and hypo tho I might stick with the 12.5mg dose as today I was a little brighter and I'm not sure if it's the 75 mg finally working or the fact that I reduced it to 62mg last nite . Thanks in advance :)

  • Angie, don't take your thyroid medication tonight. It's best to allow 24 hours between the last dose and your blood draw. You can take it after your blood test tomorrow and then take your night time dose as usual.

  • Thanks Clutter I'm so glad you told me that as I had no idea and was going to take it . Is it safe enough to take it in the morn and at nite? Do u think it's the 75mg that is working or the 12mg increase I'm still not great but wasn't like a zombie today which was an improvement :) thanks so much for all your advice I really appreciate it :)

  • Angie, If it wasn't safe I wouldn't have suggested it. Some people take their Levothyroxine in one weekly dose.

    I thought you increased from 50mcg to 75mcg a couple of days ago. It usually takes longer to work but if you're feeling improvement it must be working. Please be patient as you won't get the full benefit of the increase for another 6/8 weeks.

  • Hi Clutter yes I started on 75mg on fri but was like a zombie for three days and slept all day and wasn't with it . Someone else on this site very kindly suggested if I try 12mg increase for two weeks and then 75mg as I couldn't tolerate that much increase so just last nite I took 12.5mg still dizzy but more brighter. Would it be the 12.5 increase that has helped or should I go back to the 75mg . Thanks in advance I appreciate all your advice :)

  • Angie, if you couldn't tolerate increasing by 25mcg to 75mcg in one go then do it gently by increasing to 62.5mcg for a week or two and then increase to 75mcg. I have no idea whether the improvement you feel is due to the original 25mcg increase or the 12.5mcg increase you are now taking. It seems that increasing from 50mcg has helped though.

  • Hi Clutter , yes it has helped a little though still very weak and when ever I do any tiny thing it takes all the energy I have and then I collapse . I'm so worried that I might be over active and I'm destroying myself by taking levothyroxine as I keep losing weight . Please can you tell me will the cortisol test definetly show I have under or over active thyroid !! Thanks in advance :)

  • Angie, Levothyroxine is prescribed for underactive thyroid (hypothyroid).

    You need to pace yourself. Enjoy feeling less ill and perhaps take a gentle walk. You have to rebuild stamina and fitness gently and gradually. If you over do it you will knock yourself back and become unwell again.

    Try eating frequent small meals and, if you can stomach them, Complan and protein drinks to build weight. Make sure protein drinks don't contain soy which is bad for the thyroid.

    Cortisol tests adrenal function. The NHS blood test just determines low cortisol (Addisons Disease) or high cortisol (Cushings Disease). There are degrees of adrenal insufficiency but I don't believe NHS tests for this and you may need a private cortisol saliva test from Blue Horizon or Genova to determine this. I know very little about cortisol and adrenals but many members do so you should ask about them in a new question.

  • Thanks Clutter I guess I do need to build my stamina . There is a slight improvement as I have not slept today yet though totally exhausted . Please could you tell me what type of protein drinks . I like the weight I am just don't want to get fat . Thanks in advance really do appreciate all your advice :)

  • Angie, no I've never checked them out because I can't abide Complan but most supermarkets have protein shakes but do check they don't contain soy. You could make your own banana and milk smoothies in a liquidiser or fruit and milk smoothies.

  • Thanks Clutter I will try the almond milk smoothies maybe . I'm so sorry to keep pestering you . Thanks for all your advice :)

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