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Fireworks > Perchlorate > Thyroid

Fireworks > Perchlorate > Thyroid

With the sounds of fireworks seemingly never-ending, and us now being in the Diwali-through-Guy-Fawkes plus <any excuse to let 'em off> period, I thought it might be appropriate to post about connections between fireworks and thyroid.

Environ Monit Assess. 2014 Nov;186(11):7203-10. doi: 10.1007/s10661-014-3921-4. Epub 2014 Jul 10.

Environmental impacts of perchlorate with special reference to fireworks-a review.

Sijimol MR1, Mohan M.

Author information


Perchlorate is an inorganic anion that is used in solid rocket propellants, fireworks, munitions, signal flares, etc. The use of fireworks is identified as one of the main contributors in the increasing environmental perchlorate contamination. Although fireworks are displayed for entertainment, its environmental costs are dire. Perchlorates are also emerging as potent thyroid disruptors, and they have an impact on the ecology too. Many studies have shown that perchlorate contaminates the groundwater and the surface water, especially in the vicinity of fireworks manufacturing sites and fireworks display sites. The health and ecological impacts of perchlorate released in fireworks are yet to be fully assessed. This paper reviews fireworks as a source of perchlorate contamination and its expected adverse impacts.

PMID: 25004859 [PubMed - in process]

This paper shows that perchlorate levels in the environment can be traced directly to firework displays.

Fireworks Displays Linked To Perchlorate Contamination In Lakes

Not to mention the people who make fireworks and those who live nearby.

Shame - they can look so pretty...


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Rod you'll be spoiling bacon next Saltpetre.... I shan't mention hedgehogs

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I like bacon...


gosh really?

Mum said she used Saltpetre - but we used seasalt & honey instead as gunpowder on bacon seemed a bit weird/oldfashioned - t'wasn't quite right but still tasty 'tho.

Just made goose biltong - I need more teeth! has to be done....


If I had some goose, cassoulet sounds much more appealing than biltong. :-)


I don't know about perchlorate but a firework went off the other night and I jumped out of my skin, my adrenals went into over-drive!


Luckily, for us most of them are not that close and loud. :-)

Have to say that the quantity of fireworks these days is phenomenal. When I were nowt but a lad...

Local Round Table had a big and very noisy display. Everything else was so pathetic compared to that it wasn't worth doing except for children too young for that. So we really only had one event a year. Now they happen on, I'd guess, dozens of nights a year. Private parties, Diwali, music with fireworks in a park, kids playing, Guy Fawkes, ...

Whilst I am not always suggesting taxes, I wouldn't much mind if a hefty tax were put on all non-public display fireworks. And perchlorate banned.



Its about time that fireworks were recognised for the public nuisance that they are. I dread them every year. How many elderly and vulnerable people are frightened and distressed by these childish activities, not to mention dogs and cats. We should all join a campaign to ban them outside of public and organised displays. I believe in freedom of choice. I do not choose to listen to continued loud bangs in the dark evenings when I am trying to read, watch TV or worse still wanting a good nights sleep to enable me to cope with getting through the next day with a thyroid condition. If adults want to behave like daft children and encourage their children to do so then they should go elsewhere to do it and leave the rest of us in peace.


I have to say I agree with you. As someone with cats who love to go out in the evening I absolutely dread this time of year too. Funnily enough, I've never really enjoyed fireworks - even as a kid. Just can't see the "fun" in a load of noise and bright flashing lights. Maybe I'm just a grumpy old so-and-so though - lol!! :-D


Forgot to add my ears are hurting like hell this morning and I have an appalling headache as a result of the fireworks being let off nearby last night.


Beautiful but I'd ban them! Interesting info Rod ta


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