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Hashimotos blood test

So after a recent ultrasound at the hospital which showed a fibrous thyroid with goitre, 2 nodules and inflamed lymph nodes, I asked my doctor for thyroid anti-body tests (which he didn't want to do as he had said 'he wasn't worried about my thyroid' as my tsh was 'within range'). Anyway, I got the test result over the phone from my GP's reception who said the test came back as 'normal'. When I asked for more info she just said, I was 39 and the ref range for normal went up to 59.

Yes more questions which she didn't know? Which antibody blood test did they do? TPOAb or TgAb and why only one? (I'll ask on Monday).

I'll add that I paid for Genova tests in April 2010 which highlighted antibodies and this result was backed up when i saw a private NHS endo in June 2010 which again showed antibodies.

So I guess the question is, where have the antibodies gone? My health is still rubbish and the ultrasound showed a wrecked thyroid consistent with Hashi's.

I'll get all the ref ranges to post next week, bu any insights would be great!


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A little bit of information about fibrous variants:

Fibrous (fibrosing) variant of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis



10-12% of all cases


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I may have figured out this 'no anti-body mystery'...

Yes I still need to get one more anti-body test done,

BUT I've been taking LDN since Aug 2013 and it may be having a positive effect. :)

So take note all you other Hashi's sufferers!!


Hi,what's LDN please


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