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Shingles Saga

Hi. I returned to work yesterday after a week off with fourth bout. I really struggled at work heart was racing and I felt pretty ill. I am assuming the shingles is not out of my system and physical work was too much for my body to handle?? The shingles had scanned over and I felt okay at home although I did have a tooth infection which made my heart race! I had THYROIDECTOMY 10 years ago..I guess my immune system is very low. Thank you

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I've got shingles as well and keep feeling really exhausted. Also my heart has been racing at times-probably due to being so tired. I think shingles might take a while to leave the system-at least that's what i've been told by other sufferers.Hypothyroidism certainly doesn't help matters! You are not alone!!! x

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Thank my rash had practically gone I assumed I was okay..but when at work I clearly wasn't..I wish you well!!!


You too!!!


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