Hi..have changed my shifts..used to,work nights as a doing first week doing days and now I have my fourth bout of was a very stressful week at work. I have no thyroid so am possibly more susceptible? Doc said cannot give immunisation...only for elderly...really frustrating cos am. It allowed to work with it. Is there anything supplement I can take to try and combat this...I eat quite healthily. Doc has sent me for a full blood count..glucose testing plus renal check as a small growth found on my kidney. i had thyroid cancer 10

Years ago so being told this has added to the stress!

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  • I've got shingles at present too. It is definitely stress related and perhaps hypothyroidism does make us more susceptible. However I know many people without thyroid problems who have had shingles.I hope you feel better soon and that your tests are OK.

  • You poor soul. I know it is ridiculous that you should have to, but would your doctor give you the shingles vaccine if you offered to pay for it yourself?

    I know it is supposed to be for elderly people but I would have thought that after a fourth bout of shingles and having no thyroid you would be entitled to it.

  • Hi...I did ask the doctor but she didn't say yes! I didn't think about self funding but having more time off work is not good...I will look i to paying for it as I am thoroughly fed up with it!! I work with the elderly so surely another reason for me to have it..after all I get a flu jab if I want it! Thank you for your help.

  • Apart from the time off, the pain must be awful and it must be really debilitating and depressing for you.

    Surely working with the elderly and constantly getting shingles is a very good reason for you to get the jab, wonder if you are picking it up from someone you are working with.

    What about getting in touch with your local health board or whoever it is who authorises health spending these days and explaining your problem. Did your doctor give a reason why only that very elderly age group gets the jab? or was it purely financial?

    What is your B12 like because many years ago when I was about 16 - 65 now so it was a long time ago - I had shingles it went round pretty much at my bra line and I had to go up to the surgery to have a vitamin B12 injection every day for a while. Good luck anyway

  • I would appeal to your local CCG about the shingles vaccination.

    It is ludicrous that you are suffering so much, you have lifelong health problems through no fault of your own (no thyroid), and you work with the elderly, but the doctor won't give you the vaccine.

    I've always thought the medical profession lacked compassion, but I've realised over the last few years that they lack common sense too.

  • Hi..thank recent experiences with docs has been poor and I ended up having to go private to get any answers so I do agree with you! This time the doctor is doing thorough blood tests in case there is something else causing the shingles..sadly it seems you have to get very poorly until you get noticed

  • The amino acid lysine is supposed to combat shingles and cold sores. I take it for my hair and don't suffer with shingles so i can't swear it works, but if you look up the products on Amazon there are lots of customer reviews claiming it works.

  • hi..thank you..someone else mentioned lysine before when I had shingles...I will look it up! Am always a little wary as am on quite a few supplements and some can interfere with thyroxine..but I will definitely have a look thank you so much!

  • I had a very stressful time 5 years ago and had 5 bouts of shingles in 2 1/2 years! My GP said that was impossible as no one gets shingles more than twice! As it happened I have a friend who had mentioned something about shingles being dangerous for him to be near so I'd been diagnosed at a local hospital. Something else my GP hadnt a clue about!

    Hope you ferl better soon

  • hi..thank doctor said it was impossible to have it more than twice...yeah yeah..she has since had it herself!! I cannot remove the stress at work so I need to combat the's a shame that I may have to pay for the vaccine as they won't provide it for me even though I am working with the elderly!

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