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I just discovered that my results from Lancaster are incorrect. They claimed numerous times that I had an overactive thyroid. I went to Blackpool and got normal results. I had my results from Lancaster reviewed and found out that they are unreliable. This is very worrying for people who are put on medication based on results taken from this hospital.

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That's very worrying, Littlemissthyroid. Do you know what's being done about it?


I had a similar problem a year ago with a Blue Horizon blood test taken in a private hospital in Hull. It indicated that I might be an alcoholic on the verge of liver failure. My GP repeated the test and of course I was fine. It unfortunately took our focus off my thyroid so I was back to square one.


As far as I know nothing is being done about it which concerns me.

I had the same tests done 4 times (since January this year) however the hospital is under special measures so i used 'choose and book' and went to blackpool to see the consultant. This is how I found out the tests were incorrect.


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